May 2006                                Volume 45,  Issue 4


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Get a Piece of the Market with WMMPA Members' Products

Moulding and millwork are essential to the homebuilding and renovation process. SHELTER magazine herein publishes its fourth annual Wood Moulding and Millwork Producers Association (WMMPA) special section, highlighting WMMPA members and their products.


Araupel Uses FSC-Certified Forests

Araupel of Porto Alegre, Brazil, is a 30-year-old company that offers raw and primed fingerjointed mouldings, edge-glued panels, components and sawn lumber.

The company has been awarded the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) Green Seal for the whole areas of forests from which Araupel gets its wood. 

At present Araupel has 20,000 hectares of planted forests, 11,000 of which growing are of are the species Araucaria Angustifolia, 8,500 of which grow Pinus Taeda and 500 of which are growing Eucalyptus Grandis.

Mouldings with a Name

Looking for top-quality and precision in mouldings and wood components? Rely on Warwick, Quebec-based Roland Boulanger Co. & Ltd. For more than 60 years, the company has been producing mouldings and wood components. 

The company says it starts with high-quality materials and applies strict manufacturing controls to produce products superior to others on the market. The company uses a variety of wood species, including Eastern white pine (finger-joint and solid), oak, maple, aspen and birch, as well as wood fiber (MDF), all originating from the U.S. and Canada.

The company says it also delivers superior service. The company offers standard and custom products, has mixed shipments available with no minimum orders and has a fast turnaround on orders.

A Matter of Commitment 

TLC Mouldings of Willacoochee, Ga., manufactures primed interior light-density fiberboard (LDF) and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) mouldings, as well as primed and raw boards. 

The company says it’s committed to its customers as well as the environment, and that it has grown every year since its start five years ago. The company’s products are made in the United States, close to its markets to better serve customers.

EastCoast Moulding Now Offers Double-Coated, Primed Poplar

EastCoast Moulding Co. of North Wilkesboro, N.C., has been producing premium-quality oak, poplar, banak, pine and primed mouldings since 1988. Its newest product line includes double-primed and double-buffed poplar mouldings, which receive two passes through a vacuum coater on the fingerjointed, locally-grown poplar substrate.

Given a sample or a drawing, the company produces a digital drawing of the profile to ensure profile integrity. This CAD image is used for making knives and check templates, and is archived in the customer records for repeat orders.

EastCoast Moulding says it understands the importance of on-time delivery and uses integrated logistics to get the product to the market. 

“We take pride in the products we manufacture and value our customers as true business partners,” says Al Delbridge, sales manager.

Go Pacific with Sauder

Established in 1926, Sauder Mouldings is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of moulding products in general and of Pacific Coast hemlock mouldings in particular, according to company officials. 

The Pacific Coast hemlock plant is located in Ferndale, Wash., where its sole focus is on producing the highest-quality mouldings, S4S boards, door jambs and components. The company says that the tight, fine-grain structure of Pacific Coast hemlock allows for a wide range of styles.

Two in One

Rocky Mountain Forest Products (RMFP) of Laramie, Wy., and TEWA Moulding LLC of Albuquerque, N.M., are owned by the same investment group—Valor Equity Partners L.P. of Chicago. Under the same investment company, the two companies form a powerful force in the small-pattern solid moulding industry. 

RMFP was founded in 1975 and began producing wooden boxes and crates originally. Then it progressed to manufacturing toy and window parts. This in turn led to making high-quality wooden fencing and supplying clear lumber to moulding manufacturers. RMFP then decided to begin manufacturing small pattern lineal mouldings, specializing in this niche within the total moulding industry.

Tewa Moulding produces quality solid pine moulding for distributors nationwide and offers UPC labeling service to specifications. 

To maintain an environmentally-friendly operation, along with its moulding production, the company also reclaims its waste material for use as animal bedding and wood flour. 

Both RMFP and TEWA produce Radiata, Mexican and domestic material milled to specifications. The companies will also be offering primed mouldings shortly for ordering convenience.

Make First Contact

Contact Lumber Co. of Clackamas, Ore., eliminates delamination concerns and says it allows its moulding and millwork products to perform better than the solid woods they replace. The most noticeable differences are where industry priorities lie: lower installed cost, higher performance standards and minimal cost to the environment. 

All Contact Lumber natural wood-wrapped products are available in lengths up to 16 feet, in most any veneer species, including character-ridden woods such as knotty alder, and can be wrapped over nearly any substrate: aluminum, PVC, MDF or fingerjointed wood.

U.S. Superior Brings Chinese Products to U.S. Market

U.S. Superior Forest Products of Miami, Fla., is now selling products from China such as primed frames, primed split jambs, primed mouldings, red oak veneered jambs, Russian pine veneered jambs, Jesso jambs and Russian pine doors.

With quality inspection offices in Yanji, Shenyang, Tianjin and Jin Shan, U.S. Superior covers most of the Chinese wooden product mills. 
All loads are quality inspected before shipment to achieve a high level of quality and service.

Mt. Taylor Offers Range of Mouldings

Mt. Taylor Millwork Inc. is a family-owned and operated moulding plant in Milan, N.M. The company was started in 1965 by T. R. Allen, and currently is being operated by his sons, Hardy and Matt. It manufactures high-quality pine, red oak, poplar and banak mouldings, and mouldings are available cut-to-length and with bar-coding and packaging.

The company says it has a long-established reputation for manufacturing quality mouldings at competitive prices. Its unitized shipments will arrive by truck or rail, on time, accurately tallied and neatly bundled.

Setzer Embarks on Third Line

Setzer Forest Products Inc. of Sacramento, Calif., has begun its third MDF production line. Starting March 1, the company was expected to increase its production of light MDF moulding by 30 percent. The company says this allows it to be even more flexible and able to provide rapid turnaround orders for those not wanting to wait for or inventory large amounts of light MDF. 

Along with its increase in production, Setzer offers other programs to fit customers’ needs in architectural as well as purchasing “commodity-type” mouldings that do not require a long wait.

The company also offers a full range of solid and fingerjointed moulding and millwork along with its light MDF. All products are manufactured in the United States.


Endura Offers New Line of Frames

Endura Products Inc. of Colfax, N.C., offers its newly acquired FrameSaver rot-proof frames. The patented FrameSaver technology features wood door frames fingerjointed with a wood composite material made from a combination of recycled sawdust and virgin plastics.

The FrameSaver technology is available for entry, patio and garage door frames and are offered in widths from 4-1/8 to 7-1/4 inches with lengths of 6 feet 8 inches and 8 feet. Garage frames are available in a variety of sizes.

Yuba Specializes in Highly-Mixed Loads

Yuba River Moulding and Millwork Inc. of Yuba City, Calif., is a full-line producer of pine mouldings and millwork items. Highly-mixed loads are the company’s specialty; however, it is capable of producing straight-run loads as well. All loads can be shipped on a full or partial load basis, depending on a customer’s specific needs. The company also manufacturers pine window parts.

According to officials, the company has the capability of storing up to 7 million board feet of lumber to fulfill its customers’ diverse requirements without interruptions.

Get Lighter with Suntrim™

Based in Yuba City, Calif., Sunset Moulding has been in the business of creating superior moulding products for more than half a century.

The company’s two MDF manufacturing facilities in Live Oak, Calif., and Idabel, Okla., produce more than 200 truckloads of its Suntrim™ each month.

Officials say improvements to its manufacturing process and new machinery installations have enabled Sunset Moulding to run a 20 percent lighter weight product, while maintaining its superior Suntrim™ quality.

Best Offers Bar-coding

Best Moulding Corp. of Albu-querque, N.M., has been manufacturing quality mouldings for more than 50 years. The company offers solid lineal and cut-to-length mouldings in pine, Radiata pine, oak, poplar, soft maple, cherry and banak, as well as finger-joint and finger-joint primed and chamfer strip.

Best Moulding can provide jambs and dadoes to each company’s specifications and can accept long and short runs of the mouldings to customer specifications. Bar-coding is also available.


Trimming Up with Omega-Tek

Omega-Tek Building Products Inc. of West Swansea, N.H., has released Kwik-Corner™, its first product in the lightweight Kwik-Trim™ line of cellular PVC trim. Kwik-Corner is a one-piece extruded 5-1/2-inch house corner with a patented blind nailing flange which allows for installation without any nails showing. 

It comes in 10-foot and 19-foot 6-inch lengths. A plain flange for butting siding to the corner and a “J” channel flange for hidden butts are available. It can be used with wood, cement or vinyl siding or shingles.


Get a “Solid” Door from Timbergate

The vintage craftsmanship and construction of a Timbergate Solid Wood Interior Door is created for life, according to the Waterloo, Iowa-based manufacturer. Solid-wood core, solid-wood jambs, ball-bearing hinges, catalyzed conversion finish and mortise- and tenon-frame construction completes the industrial strength design. Each Timbergate Door comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


Stay on Top of the Bottom Line

At last, wood moulding and millwork producers will know exactly where they stand with respect to inventory, order status, efficiency, yield, product cost and profitability. Agility, by DMSi software of Omaha, Neb., offers the flexibility to manufacture to order or to stock using real-time sales order, inventory and accounting information to fully integrate and simplify business processes.

DMSi says agility also streamlines production activity and provides concise communication to production staff. Plant managers rely on work orders to aggregate items, commit source material and schedule production to meet customer expectations while optimizing each run. Production line personnel will depend on work orders to pull source material and bag, tag and tally the finished units.

Streamline with W3Net™

World Wide Wood Network® (W3Net Ltd.) of Yelm, Wash., provides business systems consulting and software solutions, together with a full range of computer networking, maintenance and support specifically tailored to the wood products industry.

W3Net offers simplified order entry and order management to automated order replenishment, data collection, shipping coordination and electronic exchange of business documents. W3Net says its team can streamline business processes to make business easier. The company says its professional services and best-in-class solutions help make customers’ purchase, sales and distribution processes more efficient and cost-effective.

Extira Gives Superior Performance

Chicago-based CMI’s Extira treated composite panels deliver a high level of performance in a wide range of non-structural exterior applications compared to wood, MDF and other materials. 

Extira is used to manufacture pilasters, shutters, column wraps, fluting, rosettes, brick mould and a host of other specialty and decorative applications. Extira is treated with zinc borate for superior rot and termite resistance and is made with phenolic resins for moisture resistance. 

Compared to wood, Extira panels provide greater dimensional stability and better long-term performance, according to company officials.


Become Sure with Sher-Wood® Coatings

Cleveland, Ohio-based Sherwin-Williams Chemical Coatings Division is now offering Sher-Wood Ultra-Cure® UV waterborne coatings. These water-reducible, UV-curable coatings help finishers meet green regulations and were engineered as part of Sherwin-Williams GreenSure™ initiative. 

Formulated with very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Ultra-Cure waterborne coatings resist abrasion, impact, chemical spills and scratches. The coatings can be customized for each finisher’s facility to improve efficiency and productivity. The coatings are recommended for use on kitchen and bath cabinets, office furniture and wood and composite building products, making them ideal for providing low-sheen and matte finishes without toxicity.

Get Perfection with National Casein

National Casein’s 1862LV water-based, fast-setting polyvinyl adhesive for interior use is specially-formulated for fingerjointing, and provides superior heat resistance and resists chalking down to 38 degrees.

Get the Right Coat with TTC

Tewksbury Technical Coatings Inc. (TTC) of Stockton, Calif., employs a staff with years of experience dealing with environmental and coating concerns. 

The company offers California-compliant coatings for the California building products industry. TTC supplies solvent and water-based primers, topcoats, stains and sealers for all applications. Whether it is flow coat, vacuum coat or spray, you’ll find the company’s products and services meet your needs.

Need Bar-Coding?

Langley, British Columbia-based Fastik’s proven bar-coding products come in a variety of sizes and materials to meet customer specifications. The company says its bar-coding labels have been designed specifically to permit you to use industry standard applicators.

The company says its a trusted supplier to businesses. The company uses specialty adhesives, inks and substrates to outlast even the most extreme temperature and climate changes. From the sub-zero temperatures of Northern Canada to the heat and humidity of the Southern United States, forest products companies can depend on Fastik's labels and tags.

Fastik Label will custom preprint your labels or tags with company logo, bar-codes, and thermal transfer printers and ribbons are also available.


Cefla Offers Multiple Solutions

Sanding, finishing and drying systems, available from Cefla Finishing America of High Point, N.C., offers multiple solutions for manufacturers of moulding, millwork and related components. Belt and/or wheel profile sanding, spray- or vacuum-finishing, and applicable drying systems ensure the manufacturer achieves its desired quality and production levels. 

Systems are also available to finish and transport various-size components as well as assembled window and door frames.

Revolutionize with the “Powermat” Moulder

A new leap in moulder technology, the Weinig Powermat Series offers an extensive range of efficient and easy-to-use machines. Designed to produce large and small runs alike, it is now possible to achieve significant improvements in throughput speed and surface quality, according to the Mooresville, N.C.-based machinery manufacturer. 

The Powermat Series features the newly-developed and Weinig-patented HSK tooling, PowerCom control system with TouchScreen and EasySet hoods—all features designed to make the Powermat simple and quick to use yet unmatched in performance.

M652R Offers Routering Capabilities

When Renfrow, Ontario-based Mikron’s engineers designed the M652R, it made sure that it kept all the same powerful features of the M645. Then the company added routering capabilities. 

That means, you can replace the moulder spindle with a 3-1/4 horse-power, 5-speed router system. This provides you with the means to easily router insets and channels on your straight and curved mouldings, which is ideal for windows, mirrors, pictures, paintings, cabinets, doors, flooring and more.


Need Key People? Look to Don Hall & Associates

Don Hall & Associates of Waco, Texas, finds the people who can make a real difference in your business. Besides job placement, the company also offers products to help millwork companies to increase production and lower tooling costs.

The products include:

• Kutter-Kleener, which cools and lubricates knives, bits, blades while removing resins, oil, and grease safely;
• Evapo-Rust, which removes rust from tooling in an amazing way; and
• Cryogenic freezing, which extends cutting life of tools by 200 to 400 percent. Test it without cost.


Have a Virtual Experience

Virtual Lumber of Vancouver, Wash., is an on-line source for real-time pricing, availability and in-formation on do-mestic and imported hardwoods, including moulder blanks or pulled-to-width lumber.


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