May 2006                                Volume 45,  Issue 4


      Moulding the Future
    a viewpoint from the wmmpa 

Racing through the Desert
Highlighting New Mexico’s Small-Profile Manufacturers

by Kellie A. Schroeder

Have you ever visited Albuquerque? Better yet, have you ever rented a car and toured through New Mexico? Driving along historic Route 66 in a white 2006 Ford Mustang is thrilling. 

The open road coupled with the roar of the muscle car is intoxicating to the point of numbness. Throw in an oldies music channel blaring on the radio, a dry wind blowing tumbleweeds across the roadway and a few mega-sized casino/truck stops to complete the picture, and you have New Mexico. It’s beautiful, raw landscape that appears to be untamed even with the 754,000 inhabitants of Albuquerque traveling up and down the route with you.

The high desert scenery is mesmerizing against the modern downtown and it is here you will find the members of the Wood Moulding & Millwork Producers Association (WMMPA) this July. Descending upon a famed Indian Pueblo outside of Bernalillo, the membership of the WMMPA heads to New Mexico this summer for a few days of education highlighted by a plant tour of a long-time WM® manufacturing member.

The Roar of the Engine

On a recent trip to New Mexico, I discovered the Ford Mustang is the perfect vehicle to run up and down the desert highways. The Mustang handles well, feels good beneath you and is just plain fun to drive. After a few hours behind the wheel, parking that Mustang in front of one of New Mexico’s small-profile manufacturers was a welcomed rest stop. Actually, I was fortunate enough to visit three facilities during my trip: Mt. Taylor Millwork in Milan, N.M., Tewa Moulding and Best Moulding in Albuquerque, N.M. All three plants produce small profiles, and I noted they are as similar as they are different. Similar because they all specialize in high-quality small profiles with a positive company culture; however, they are different in plant layout, equipment, species offered, etc. 

Here is a quick synopsis of the three plants: 

• Located 90 minutes outside of Albuquerque is Mt. Taylor Millwork. Owned and operated by Matt Allen and Hardy Allen, the plant sits on the edge of Milan at the base of Mt. Taylor, hence its name. The Allen brothers excel at producing small- profile mouldings in a wide array of species. Timely shipments of product are attained easily in this efficient, clean plant boasting a crew that pays attention to detail and a hands-on management team.

• Back in the heart of Albuquerque is Tewa Moulding operated under the watchful eye of Barry Garrison. Tewa concentrates on small pine and red oak profiles with customer satisfaction foremost in mind. The company’s focus on accommodating the customer runs is apparent after only a few minutes of touring Tewa alongside Barry. Tewa Moulding is a well-run plant headed up by a management team instilled with commitment and vision. 

• Fortunately, attendees of the WMMPA’s Summer Business Meeting will have the opportunity to tour Best Moulding located just a few miles from Tewa’s operations. Frank DeMott, president of Best Moulding, is opening his doors for an early-morning plant tour on Tuesday, July 25. Best Moulding is in its 59th year of manufacturing small profiles in pine, red oak, poplar, maple and lauan, attesting to its solid management and customer satisfaction. Those taking the tour will appreciate the quality mouldings produced at this plant. 

The Kick Off

The Best Moulding plant tour will kick off four days of business meetings, networking and optional activities. The WMMPA will host its 43rd Summer Business Meeting at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa on the Santa Ana Pueblo from July 25-28, 2006. The resort is a quick 35-minute drive from the airport, shorter if you rent the Mustang. 

Peter Butzelaar of R.E. Taylor & Associates will be speaking to the manufacturers regarding the current climate of consolidation in retailers and pro dealers and what strategies manufacturers should be considering to stay ahead in the game. For complete details on the meeting, visit the association’s website at and click on the Events Calendar page. A tentative agenda is loaded into the page featuring all of the topics and speakers one should expect at the meeting. 

All manufacturers of moulding and millwork are invited to register to attend this event whether a member of the WMMPA or not. To receive a registration packet, contact the WM® office at 530/661-9591 or send an e-mail to The WMMPA looks forward to welcoming you to the high desert to have frank discussions regarding our industry.

Kellie A. Schroeder is executive vice president of Woodland, Calif.-based Wood Moulding & Millwork Producers Association.


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