Volume 45, Issue 9 - November/December  2006


Where’s the Honor?

I have read and re-read your article about Home Depot (“A Sense of Honor,” SHELTER August 2006, page 44) and decided I needed to give another point of view.

On the 24th of July, I visited the Pace, Fla., Home Depot store. This store is minutes from my home and I have shopped here frequently, especially since Hurricane Ivan damaged the I-10 Escambia Bridge making it a real hassle to go into Pensacola.

I was in looking for indoor/outdoor carpet as well as some other odds and ends. I could not find what I was looking for, and since no employee was in sight, went over to the desk in the floor covering area. 

I asked the young woman seated there if there were indoor/outdoor displays. Her answer was that all her displays were on the floor. I told her that was nice, but not what I had asked. At that point, she whispered with another person seated at a computer, and they both looked at me and started laughing. 

I was immediately put off (as you can imagine), and decided maybe Home Depot was not where I needed to shop. I left my nearly-full shopping cart, drove several miles, paid a $3.00 tollbooth going and coming to get to the Lowe’s in Gulf Breeze. There I was well treated with helpful and knowledgeable employees and was not laughed at or indirectly insulted. 

I do not plan to go into another Home Depot, and have recently heard that Lowe’s is coming to Pace where you can be sure they will be getting all my business. 

Oh yes, I also have e-mailed Home Depot and complained. I think the reason their “Our customer service is our focus” type advertising is not working is that they can’t back it up.

Thought you might like to know. 

Thank You, 
Barbara Tyce
Milton, Fla.

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