Volume 45, Issue 7 - September  2006

Product Focus

Cross Joint Milling from STEGHERR
STEGHERR, a company based in Germany, has developed the Cross Joint Milling Machine with six milling spindles. The new machine can perform end-scribing of the sash bars, cutting to length of sash bars, glazing bars and sash bar frames. It can also drill fastening holes and classic cross joint.

The different work stations can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The new machine control ensures easy operation, both in the manual and in the online mode, according to the company. 

Sure-Wood Unveils Bigger Iron Balusters
Sure-Wood Forest Products’ quality iron and wood stair parts now include an exciting line of 5/8 inch forged iron balusters. The new, larger balusters are richer and bolder than standard ½ inch iron balusters, providing a special flair and elegance to a staircase. 

Many builders are pairing iron balusters with stained rail and newels, drawing strong pro and homeowner interest. 

Based in Cincinnati, Sure-Wood Forest Products manufactures and distributes iron and wood stair parts, rails, and hardwood boards in oak, poplar, cherry and maple.
Weather the Storm with a New Company
Durable Products of Frankfort, Ohio, has formed a wholly-owned subsidiary called WeatherShed LLC, dedicated exclusively to the manufacture and distribution of a new line of composite door frames.

In development since 2003, the WeatherShed composite frames bring to market a competitively-priced alternative to the fingerjoint pine frame that solves the issue of jamb rot as well other maintenance issues associated with fingerjoint pine, according to company information.

In addition, the frames are engineered to be machined and stapled easily with standard door shop equipment as pine components. The company says there is no risk of staple blowback nor materials that are too hard to accept screws.

The new product has all the benefits of a rot-free composite with a lifetime guarantee and the compatibility of a complete line of Durable Products’ door sills to meet nearly any door size, shape or function.

All components can be delivered as an engineered system, or purchased individually, to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Elk Offers New Steep Slope Roofing Application DVD
Elk Premium Building Products Inc. of Dallas offers a steep slope roofing application DVD in English and Spanish. The company has also made available an accompanying test workbook in both languages. 

The DVD gives a general overview of steep slope application, from the underlayment and flashing, to the asphalt shingle application. In addition, Elk has created a special section to illustrate their new hybrid shingle application. Elk’s Prestique® Grandé™ hybrid shingles are manufactured with patented VersaShield® XP™ headlap technology. Proper shingle application of the hybrid products can reduce installation time by as much as 20 percent, according to company information.

Get Versatility with Versa-Lam®
BOISE Engineered Wood Products of Boise, Idaho, a division of Boise Cascade, has a new line of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) products, Versa-Lam 1.7 2650, which offers advantages over both dimension lumber and laminated strand lumber, including superior strength and availability in all industry-standard thicknesses from 1-1/2 inches up to 3-1/2 inches. In addition, Boise Versa-Lam products can often stand up to the rigors of the jobsite better than laminated strand lumber products. 

Versa-Lam 1.7 2650 now provides a cost-effective laminated veneer lumber product with design values superior to those of dimension lumber. The product will compete favorably with solid-sawn lumber products, but Versa-Lam 1.7 2650 has none of the deep checks, cracks, twists or other variability that can plague solid lumber headers, beams and columns. 

Temple-Inland® Introduces UltraStock™-MR
Temple-Inland® of Diboll, Texas, has introduced UltraStock™-MR, an interior-grade, moisture-resistant, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) intended for applications where damp or wet conditions exist.

Featuring enhanced moisture-resistant resins and other additives, UltraStock-MR is formulated to provide increased protection without sacrificing performance.

Delivering improved dimensional stability and reduced thickness swell when wet, UltraStock-MR is especially valuable anywhere joints, seams and damage in laminated or finished surfaces allow moisture penetration. This includes interior window and door trim, baseboards and laminate flooring that may become wet from mopping, condensation or even foot traffic.

Available throughout Temple-Inland’s distribution network, UltraStock-MR is manufactured in thicknesses of ¼ inch through 1-5/16 inches, widths of 49 inches or 61 inches and lengths of 6 feet to 16 feet.

Wood Wanna-Be
The latest innovation in veneer-wrapping technology from Contact Lumber of Portland, Ore., is a “wood look alike,” a highly-durable film printed to look like real wood. The product is ideal for interior applications such as hotel rooms, conference centers and other high-traffic areas where neither durability nor beauty can be compromised.

The product’s components are made with a real wood core profiled to customer specifications and wrapped with an ultra-thin, durable vinyl material that is virtually indistinguishable from finished veneer. The components are available in widths up to 9-1/2 inches and lengths up to 18 feet and are easy to maintain. They are available in 11 look-alike species including a variety of walnuts, maples, cherries, oaks and birch, and can be wrapped over nearly any substrate, according to the company.

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