Volume 46, Issue 3 - April 2007

Technology Bandwagon
Software Solutions Help Companies Run More Efficiently

Let’s face it; we are in a technological age. If you aren’t using software solutions in your building-supply business, you’re going to fall behind. Here are software products to help your business run more efficiently.

Driving a Business Requires a Good Dashboard
Computer Associates Inc. offers a fully integrated, Windows-based, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for building materials and millwork manufacturers and distributors. Ponderosa automates sales, production, inventory, scheduling, POS/e-Commerce, business intelligence and more. 

The Smithfield, R.I.-based company’s software now includes DispatchPro, which it says enables dispatchers to quickly ascertain the total gross profit of each delivery and ensure that trucks are loaded to their highest capacity. DispatchPro displays real-time vehicle data as dashboard objects, including the total value of product on a truck, per-mileage fuel costs, driver overhead and other expenses, allowing you to focus on meeting customer delivery commitments and improving overall efficiency.  www.caisoft.com 

Navigate Your Way to Better Management
Majure Data in Alpharetta, Ga., says millwork companies that implement RF Navigator gain competitive advantages in all areas of their organizations. WMS technology is designed to allow for control and accuracy in back-end fulfillment while providing real-time information and inventory data to front-end business and accounting applications.

The company says its product has been implemented at more than 35 building products locations utilizing bar-coding and wireless technology to improve accuracy, control and productivity throughout warehousing and shop operations. RF Navigator performs instant verification of operator entry to ensure accuracy and prevent errors in receiving, stocking, picking and shipping that cause productivity lapses, poor customer service and lost revenue.

Additionally, a Dashboard application recently released by Majure Data provides real-time visibility for measuring performance. Within the application, Majure says it has identified key performance indicators (KPI’s) and aggressively monitoring and addressing these KPI’s can result in an additional 5- to 10-percent warehouse productivity increase. www.majuredata.com

Eliminate Technological Headaches 
DMSi Software’s Agility offers the building material market a hosted solution and online accessibility. The use of hosted solutions cuts the costs and complications of traditional client servers, while providing the most current application, technology and security. 

Agility offers building material distributors: order entry, inventory control, production management and remanufacturing, purchasing management, e-commerce and online catalogs, accounting and document management solutions.

“Through hosted solutions, our customers can focus on their core business, without the distraction of technical issues at deployment, ongoing maintenance, and worry of updating to the latest version of software,” explains Dan Vogt, DMSi vice president of customer service. www.dmsi.com

Industry-Specific Software
LJI Technologies says its Lumberjack software is an enterprise solution for millwork, pre-hung door, lumberyard and building material companies. The Palm Harbor, Fla.-based company offers a fully integrated system, designed exclusively for your industry. Its Lumberjack Manufacturing Module compliments the overall Software Program for a complete business solution.  

LJI Technologies says its software is backed by an industry-experienced staff for nationwide customers within the millwork, pre-hung door, and building material industries. www.ljitechnologies.com

Get with the Program and Get Organized
Do you feel like you’ve got one foot in the future and one foot in the past, with lost paper documents and uncoordinated electronic files for the same order? DataView by WoodWare systems stores everything from employment applications, personnel review forms, Word documents, letters and reports, to scanned items like signed delivery tickets or picking tickets with handwritten shop notes—all in a virtual file cabinet. Documents are indexed to match up with an original quote or order and barcodes can be printed directly on documents to further automate the matching and indexing process. 

The Memphis, Tenn.-based software provider says DataView is integrated with its system, but can also be used as a standalone application and integrated with any other software. Within folders, individual document types control the scanner settings, assuring image consistency and text readability and stored documents can be printed, faxed, emailed or exported to a CD-ROM.

WoodWare also offers WebConnect™ software—providing your customers round-the-clock account information and sales reps the ability to look up pricing and product availability wirelessly from the job site or customer location. www.woodwaresystems.com 

Sum of the Whole—Ridge to Sill
Good framing design software should view the structure for what it is—a whole unit. Weyerhaeuser in Federal Way, Wash., has introduced a whole house solution for structural framing – iLevel™ Javelin™ software. 

“With Javelin software, dealers have a tool they can use to create a truly integrated framing solution for the entire home,” says Ken Wiley, vice president of strategic services.

Javelin™ design software allows iLevel dealers to specify optimized combinations of framing materials for floors, walls and roofs, all in a single file. Three-dimensional modeling and computer-aided drafting (CAD) capabilities allow vertical loads to be tracked from a home’s ridge to the sill plate, resulting in a strong and solid structural frame without overbuilding.

A number of software tools allow dealers to quickly and accurately input and analyze framing, as well as develop sizing solutions, material lists, framing plans and installation details to help homebuilders obtain cost-effective materials, while reducing job-site waste and construction time. www.iLevel.com 

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