Volume 46, Issue 1 - January/February 2007

Hit or Miss?

Dear Shelter,
I was reading the November/December 2006 issue of Shelter when I came across the article “Where’s the Honor?” (on page 6 in the Dear Shelter Reader Feedback section).

I also have an issue with Home Depot’s customer service.

On Saturday, December 2, 2006, my husband and I were shopping for accent rugs for our home in Fenton, Mich. We had a very good customer-service experience at the Fenton, Mich., location, but they didn’t have a complete set of the carpets we needed. We were told that the Home Depot on Hill Road in Grand Blanc, Mich., had a better supply, so we drove to that location.

Both my husband and I are over 65 and we were struggling with the carpets, but no one approached us to help, so we searched for a salesperson and found one in the adjoining kitchen cabinet department. My husband asked her if she could help us if she wasn’t too busy, but she said, “No, I AM busy,” then turned her back to us and continued working on her computer.

My husband and I promptly left Home Depot, went to Lowe’s and made our purchase.

We recently opened a Home Depot charge account and purchased an expensive refrigerator from the Fenton, Mich., location. Once again, we were treated well at that Home Depot, but horrible at the Grand Blanc location.
We hope that the Fenton, Mich., location is not the exception when it comes to good customer service at Home Depot, because we expect to purchase other items in the future.

We just thought you might want to know about our shopping experiences.

Thank you,
Gunter E. and Hertha M. Poeszat
Fenton, Mich.

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