Volume 46, Issue 1 - January/February 2007

Product Focus

Brick Moulds
Move Over J-Channel
Crystal Window & Door Systems, a Flushing, N.Y. -based manufacturer of replacement, new construction vinyl and aluminum door and window products, has introduced a brick mould frame option for its Series 300 and 400 new construction vinyl window lines.

It says the new brick mould option extends beyond the window mainframe, is both functional and decorative and serves as an integral trim cover for the installation of siding and stucco. The company says this option is available on its Series 300B and Series 400B lines – double-hung, single-hung, sliders, and picture styles and will soon be available on its special architectural shape models of both windows. All models of the Series 300 and 400 vinyl windows come standard with integral pre-punched nailing fins, according to the company.

Arriving in Stile
Millwork and moulding manufacturer Medford Moulding Co. is now producing engineered stiles and rails at its facility in White City, Ore. Utilizing laminated-veneer lumber core, the company says it has the capacity to lay up product with hardwood, softwood or medium-density fiberboard face veneers and edge-strips. 

Stiles and rails up to 120 inches long and 12½ inches wide can be manufactured on its high capacity L and L Glue All Edgebonder. Veneers are manufactured in sliced or sawn form at its sister company, Western Veneer and Slicing, which the company says can provide most any species.

Out of Sight
Door and window provider Sugarcreek Industries of Sugarcreek, Ohio, offers Spectrum™ storm doors and the Prestige™ vinyl patio door system.

The company says Spectrum™ Storm Doors feature two InVent™ retractable screens and are the first of their kind. It says homeowners now can enjoy storing screens out of sight, and the convenience of immediate ventilation in both the top and bottom of the door via window-like sash operation.

The Spectrum™ is available in both full-view and three quarter-view models, comes standard with the Sierra solid brass mortise hardware and is available in all 13 Sugarcreek paint colors.
The company says its Prestige™ patio door system was designed to perform in the toughest conditions and features a patented sliding system that utilizes four adjustable 1-inch wheels. Other features include a sill water-drainage system, multi-point mortised locking, and a Vice-Versa™ feature that allows installers to change the hand of operation in the field.

Contractor Products
Automatically Eliminate Carelessness
Jershon Inc., a ladder leveling system provider from Shelby, Mich., says it makes ladder safety automatic with LEVEL-EZE. According to the company, there are numerous levelers on the market, but no other that automatically levels and locks, and passes all American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ladder standards, including cantilever tests.
It says LEVEL-EZE securely locks when the ladder is set down and unlocks when the ladder is picked up. It installs onto any conventional aluminum or fiberglass extension ladder and is ideal for residential, commercial or industrial use for building professionals.

Door Systems
Slide the Differences Aside
Solar Innovations of Myerstown, Pa., has designed a thermally-broken, aluminum, multiple bay sliding door system. It says this new application offers ease of installation, quality, performance and an unlimited number of options.

Among its offerings are multiple track, dual track, pocket, cornerless, and radius options for any residential space and its multiple bay sliding door systems store the panels behind a stationary panel or into a pocket on the track.

It says customers can choose from options such as glazing, sill alternatives, locking mechanisms and decorative options including size, style, color, wood cladding, decorative panels, grids and simulated divided lites (SDLs).

Formaldehyde-Free Alternatives
Staying Ahead of the Issue
LaPlaya Shutters®, manufactured by ITA Inc. of St. Augustine, Fla., now offer a formaldehyde-free composition that the company says will meet governmental regulatory agencies’ new environmental standards by meeting or exceeding the 2008 environmental protocols established for air toxicity.

Manufactured under its GreenAssured™ program, LaPlaya Shutters are among a number of environmentally compatible products within the company’s Meridian Home® brand. ITA says it developed and implemented this program in response to a growing awareness of airborne chemical effects on indoor air quality.

The company says its shutters are engineered from a closed-cell composite, are UV stable, resist warping, chipping, denting and provide superior insulation benefits. They are also backed by a written, transferable ten-year warranty.

House Wraps
3-D House Wrap
Corsella-Dorken Products Inc., a developer and manufacturer of waterproofing and drainage products in Beamsville, Ontario, is offering a new type of house wrap designed to serve as a solid barrier against wind, rain and dampness. The company says Delta-Dry can’t be penetrated by air or moisture, unlike other house wraps that are designed to breathe. Any water or moisture that reaches the product’s surface flows down a pathway constructed into the dimensional structure. Openings are left at the top and bottom of the sheathing to allow moisture or water to pass out.

The company says this design also helps to displace moisture that becomes trapped during the construction process and it has a metallic-silver membrane designed to reflect radiant heat and prevent air from passing through.

The new sheathing comes in 50-foot rolls that are 39 inches in width and can be applied under brick, stone, wood, fiber-cement, vinyl or stucco, using nails or staples. The interlocking ridge system is designed to make installation possible for one person.

A Hefty House Wrap
Pactiv Corp., a provider of specialty packaging products, based in Lake Forest, Ill., has announced that its GreenGuard® RainDrop® house wrap will be used in the first-ever Renewed American Home® project 2007. The National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) designed this project to demonstrate how building concepts, materials and techniques that improve efficiency and home performance can be applied to older homes that can be renovated to meet modern lifestyles. It will be showcased at the upcoming NAHB 2007 International Builders’ Show® (IBS) in Orlando, Fla., February 7-10, 2007 (See IBS Preview on page 44 for more information on this show).

The company says this product is the industry’s first woven house wrap with water drainage channels that move bulk water down to the base of the exterior wall and was selected to protect the project home during the renovation phase and beyond.

Vertical cords embedded every few centimeters along the face of the house wrap create drainage channels that divert water straight down and facilitate airflow along the exterior face. Pactiv says that GreenGuard® RainDrop® house wrap not only minimizes the flow of air in and out of a house, but its unique construction allows walls to dry faster and “breathe” so that moisture vapor can escape the wall cavity. According to the company, this permits moist humid air to escape from the inside of the home, while preventing outside liquid water from entering.

Doors and Windows
Something Old Something New
Hurd Windows and Doors of Medford, Wis., has introduced a patio door and window line it says is ideal for period homes, whether truly old or new construction. 

The company says this line is available in thousands of style and size combinations including: 12 species of wood, 180 paints or stains, an array of decorative grille and glass options, special shapes, designer hardware and custom mouldings and millwork.

The factory finish utilizes a three-step process where components are soaked and coated before they are assembled. Hurd says this ensures resistance to the elements and is backed by its 15-year warranty. 

Insulation Products
Smart Pores
DryRight™ Fiberglass Insulation, produced by Valley Forge, Pa.-based CertainTeed Corp., offers a unique MemBrain™ to help building professionals control moisture within wall cavities. The building product manufacturer (and a Saint-Gobain company) says this first-of-its-kind combination of fiberglass insulation faced with a breathable MemBrain film, reduces the risk of mold and mildew growth when installed properly. 

It says the film’s molecular-scale pores open under moist, humid conditions to allow moisture vapor to pass through, but when humidity is low inside, the film’s pores close to block vapor transmission. The company sites a specific permeance of 1 perm or less at normal conditions, increasing to more than 30 perms when the humidity approaches 90-percent and says this process allows closed building envelope systems to increase their drying potential with seasonal climatic changes.

DryRight is available in batts and rolls in R-13 and R-19 ratings and features a wider friction fit design the company says allows for installation without staples.

Stop Stucco Leaks
Adeka Ultra Seal of Vernon Hills, Ill., provides a hydrophilic waterstop called KM4MM String that is ideal for areas that feature stucco buildings and receive wind-driven rain, where window water intrusion is commonly a problem. It says, when removing a window for repairs — by using a thin blade tool to create a groove at the window perimeter between the window frame and adjacent stucco, then installing this product as a backer rod and caulk to complete the job, you can permanently eliminate window leaks.

The company also says this process can be used when installing new windows, eliminating any chance of future water leakage.
>>> www.ocm-inc.com

Sheet Rock
Finally No More Dust
USG Corp. has introduced a solution for messy sheet rock dust. The Chicago, Ill.-based building material provider now offers a sheetrock® brand dust control compound that it says reduces airborne drywall dust.

The joint compound binds together dust particles, creating a “heavy dust” that the company says falls straight to the floor when sanded. According to USG, the new compound produces the same finish as other all-purpose muds, is ideal for all types of remodeling products and weighs up to 35-percent less than conventional compounds.

It also says that the material’s low shrinkage adhesion and resistance to cracks enable users to apply just two coats when covering metal surfaces like corner beads and fasteners. 

From Soy to Formaldehyde-Free
Columbia Forest Products of Portland, Ore., announced that it will begin producing formaldehyde-free PureBond™ particleboard in the first quarter of this year to complement its existing line of formaldehyde-free products.
The hardwood plywood and hardwood veneer manufacturer says its PureBond formaldehyde-free technology involves a patented, soy-based adhesive it cooperatively developed with the College of Forestry at Oregon State University and specialty chemical producer Hercules Inc. of Wilmington, Del. The company says Hercules awarded it a license to utilize the patented adhesive system, on an exclusive basis, for all of its North American decorative panel markets.
It says the new particleboard will be manufactured at its Hearst, Ontario, facility, which will also turn the board into finished hardwood plywood and other value-added panels. 

Things Made Simple
Do the One Step
Omega-Tek Building Products Inc. of West Swanzey, N.H., now offers Kwik-Fascia™, a one-piece step-fascia that alleviates the need to rip down 1-by-3 rake boards. The company says it developed this product in direct response to contractors’ request and the end results are short installation times, no aluminum wrapping and virtually no maintenance.

Omega-Tek says there’s no need to paint or prime this product, because it’s constructed of cellular vinyl. It also says that weather resistant Kwik-Fascia will not “oil can,” rot, or peel and single-piece extrusion means no glue-joints.

The company also offers a Victorian-Bead™ cellular vinyl product — a reversible, tongue and groove 1 by 6, that is smooth beaded on one side and v-edged on the other for ceilings and wainscoting.
Omega-Tek says while this product can be painted, paint isn’t required. It also offers easy cleaning without rotting, splitting or staining and comes in a full traditional size of 11/16 inch by 5 and 3/8 inches. According to the company, this product will not sag over time.

Victorian-Bead can be installed using a “blind-nail” method and can be used for interior or exterior applications.

No Monkeying Around
Johns Manville will display the Spider™ Custom Insulation System — a formaldehyde-free, spray-in fiberglass insulation that the company says completely fills wall cavities, eliminating gaps and voids where energy can escape. It says Spider’s spray-in system reaches R-values of R-15 in a 2-by-4 wall cavity and R-23 in a 2-by-6 wall cavity.

This product is made from inorganic fiberglass, that the company says does not support mold growth and is further protected with an EPA-registered preservative. It says this product sprays in with a lower percentage of moisture content than dry wood, and dries completely in 2 to 6 hours, allowing drywall to be put up the same day.

The company also designed and introduced Gorilla Wrap™ in 2006 – a new house wrap product it says offers superior benefits in increased energy efficiency, moisture control and tear strength.

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