Volume 46, Issue 1 - January/February 2007

From the Editor
The Issue At Hand

Holes in the Supply Chain

“Is one company or person really to blame?” is the question I asked myself when I read about the latest toxic mold lawsuit. Shelter magazine has partnered with its sister publication, Mold and Moisture Management magazine, to tackle this issue from the supply-chain perspective.

The article on page 36 outlines how lumber is stored by dealers and distributors along with expert advice on proper storage.

As I researched this article, I found holes in the supply chain as far as insufficient checklists or procedures for all companies involved in handling lumber—from the sawmill to the builder.

Both the Western Wood Products Association and the Southern Pine Council have helpful information and guides available on proper lumber storage, but more should be done.

My research left me with many questions. Would builders benefit from a guideline on what to do when they receive lumber covered with mold? Would building professionals implement a checklist for the supply chain from sawmills all the way to framing contractors and even homeowners, to track lumber conditions and problems? Would users continue to leave lumber sitting on the wet ground, exposed to weather for months at a time, and frame homes with mold-spotted lumber, until the lawsuits begin flying? How many companies would be interested in developing such a standard for the industry? 

We’d like to hear input on this topic from everyone involved—sawmills, distributors, dealers, lumberyards, builders and others—on how useful they feel recommended practices or standards would be.

If you are interested in serving on a taskforce to create specific supply-chain guidelines for handling lumber, please e-mail me at scarpenter@sheltermagazine.com or come visit me at the International Builders’ Show February 7-10 in Orlando, Fla., at Booth S12620.

Speaking of the Builders’ Show, we have previewed this year’s show, and on page 44, you can read about products that you should see up close as well as seminars to attend.

The Builders’ Show will have a plethora of information, and while Shelter has published a construction forecast as well as distributors’ strategies on page 32, you can find out more on the state of the market by attending.

I would like to hear how the market is faring in you area. Please stop by the booth. I look forward to seeing you. 
Samantha Carpenter, editor

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