Volume 46, Issue 6 - July/August 2007

Show Scoop

Merrick Machine Holds Hands-On Event
Merrick Machine Co. held its 17th annual Ruvo National Product Showcase May 16-17, 2007, at its headquarters in Alda, Neb. Approximately 200 industry professionals received a hands-on demonstration of interior and exterior pre-hung door equipment, Ruvo’s new 405 hinge jamb/door machine and 1580 rotary tilt table, as well as some steel/wood wall-panel equipment and stair equipment.

Not Your Standard Operation
Attendees chose from a number of different seminars, including the Interior Pre-Hung Door Production Round Table, the Exterior Pre-Hung Door Production Round Table, Equipment Maintenance & Service Seminar; and the Benefits of Leasing.

During the Interior Pre-Hung Door Production Round Table, Benny McElwaney of Standard Door in Atlanta went through the history of his business and explained to seminar participants how they can make their production facility more efficient, giving examples from his own operation. Standard Door uses a 925 door machine and the new 930 door machine, and the company prehangs 400 doors per day on each machine. McElwaney mapped out his production floor, and he suggested to attendees to not let employees get too far away from the machine on which they are working. If they do, this cuts down on productivity.

New Perspectives
“I think the new innovative ideas and changes that are taking place with Ruvo’s machinery are finally getting door equipment up to 2007 technology. For so long, it has been basically the same machines being built (by all manufacturers) with no new changes until now. I am a big fan of the new three-degree bevel option and the new style-hinge applicators,” McElwaney says.

He recommends that other prehangers attend the event. 


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