Volume 46, Issue 5 - June 2007

Dear Shelter™

Second Chances
Dear Shelter™:
I read your [editor’s column] in the March issue and just had to comment about the Domino’s experience you mentioned. My thought was, “Isn’t this kind of a harsh reaction to a lost pizza order?” Meaning your response was declaring you were never going to order from them again.

Did they offer to try and remedy the situation somehow? I could see that reaction if this was the third time it had happened, or something along those lines. We are certainly in agreement that people and companies need to be more customer- service oriented in today’s world; however, we all need a second chance at times. How about just a little empathy for what might have happened at the pizza shop to cause the lost order.

Just a Thought,
John Freeman
Alside Supply Center
Halethorpe, Md.

No Time for Tire-Kickers
Dear Shelter™:
I have to give your review of the Lowe’s in Oceanside, Calif., a D-.

You went in there with no intention of buying anything … Then, you deliberately went to the messiest part of the store, just so you could complain about the mess.

Plytanium® is just Georgia-Pacific’s brand name for plywood … That’s why the overworked J.W. didn’t know what Plytanium was, but two minutes later knew what it could be used for. He was just a loader anyway, but went out of his way just to see how he could help you, and you didn’t appreciate it at all. 

How many legitimate customers went underserved because you had to go and do your dumb-xxx Secret Shopper? I think you should think long and hard about going into a store just to bother people, when you know you have no intention of buying something.

Rollie Smith

(Company and job title undisclosed) 

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