Volume 46, Issue 2 - March 2007

Get Connected
AMD Manufacturers Provide a Network of Building Products

The Association of Millwork Distributors (AMD) includes 477 millwork and building products distribution centers located in 49 states. It has 273 manufacturers and 154 manufacturer representative companies as associate members. 

This is the fourth year in which Shelter magazine has highlighted products of AMD associate members. Shelter realizes that distributors and dealers have a lot of product from which to choose. AMD defines itself as an organization in which networking with other companies is important. For more information about AMD visit www.amdweb.com

Moisture-Control Products

Water is Gone in a Flash
The Jamsill Guard™, a sill pan flashing for exterior doors and windows, is designed to prevent water damage from window and door leaks. Injection molded with high-impact polymers that will not deteriorate over time, the Talent, Ore.-based company’s product has a three-piece telescoping design that allows the installer on-site adjustability to fit all rough openings and is bonded together in the field with PVC cement. In addition, the Jamsill Guard™ flashing system is available in seven different depths to accommodate most door and window applications in either 2-by-4 or 2-by-6 construction and is not visible after installation. www.jamsill.com

Don’t Let the Damage be Done
The ASTROpan™ door and window sill pan system protects property against water and moisture damage. Manufactured by Astro Plastics of Covington, Ga., the system channels water outside, limiting risk of water intrusion that could result in rot and mold.

Adhesive caulk is included in the kits, which are packaged in 24 sets for 3-0 rough openings and 12 sets for 6-0 rough openings, and it is available in standard jamb widths of 4 9/16 and 6 9/16 inches, and in two lengths, 38 ¼ and 74 ¼ inches. www.astroplastics.com

A Moisture-Resistant Revolution
Acquired by Endura Products of Colfax, N.C., FrameSaver is known for its rot-resistant, moisture-resistant wood door frames. 

FrameSaver® technology features a 4-inch piece of composite material fingerjointed with a revolutionary wood composite material at the bottom of a wood door frame. The composite material will not allow water to wick up the frame, yet sands and finishes just like wood. Featuring a rot-resistant lifetime guarantee, the FrameSaver® technology is available in entry, patio and garage door frames. www.enduraproducts.com

Millwork Services

Freeze Your Tools and More
Don Hall & Associates of Waco, Texas, and Cyro-Plus of Wooster, Ohio, teamed up to offer cryogenic freezing for tooling. The cryogenic process involves freezing your steel bits, drills, saw blades and knives at 300 degrees below zero, which doubles or triples their productive output and longevity.

In addition, Don Hall & Associates, through its website, www.millworknetwork.com, helps find key people for businesses, from salespeople to managers to production supervisors. www.millworknetwork.com


Scan it and Rest Easy
WoodWare Systems of Memphis, Tenn., provides Radio Frequency-based (RF) solutions including receiving, cross docking, shipping, physical inventory, cycle counting and a Windows-based Warehouse Management System (WMS). 

WoodWare WMS utilizes hand-held radio frequency based barcode scanners throughout the warehouse. It also works in conjunction with the Caché Post-Relational Database, and includes the following modules: receiving, put away, item/unit move, replenishment, production completion, picking, shipping, physical inventory, cycle counts, product location inquiry, damage reporting and real-time communications with the management application.4 www.woodwaresystems.com

A Majure Advantage
Majure Data’s Warehouse Management System, RF Navigator, helped distributors and dealers gain competitive advantages in all areas of their organization. 

RF Navigator performs instant verification of operator entry to ensure accuracy and prevent errors in receiving, stocking, picking and shipping that cause productivity lapses, poor customer service and revenue loss.

The Dashboard application recently released by Majure Data provides its clients with real-time visibility to quickly and consistently measure their performance. Within the Dashboard application, Majure Data identified key performance indicators (KPI’s) that are relevant to most door and window companies. www.majure.com

Be a Pro
Computer Associates of Smithfield, R.I., manufactures the Ponderosa DispatchPro, which it says enables dispatchers to maximize on-time, accurate and reliable delivery of ordered goods to customer jobsites.

Ponderosa DispatchPro provides real-time vehicle analysis, including the total value of product on the truck as well as associated costs—per-mileage fuel costs, driver overhead and other expenses—that affect the value and profitability of each and every delivery.  www.caisoft.com

Information in an Instant
DMSi’s 30-year focus on software for building product distributors and wholesalers continues with BInformed, Agility’s business intelligence application. In as little as 30 seconds, users can interactively zero in on answers to business performance questions, detect business trends and respond to the ever-changing events. 

Three standard applications of BInformed include sales analysis, accounts receivable analysis and inventory analysis.  www.dmsi.com

Outdoor Products

Simply Sophisticated
The revolutionary new Axxys™ Railing from Creative Railing Systems of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, is a pre-drilled railing, combined with pivoting brackets on the balusters and rail connections, which simplifies installation and accommodates almost any stair angle. The pre-drilled hemlock railing can be stained, painted or lacquered. www.creativerailing.com

The Complete Kit
Pergola Kits from Dixie-Pacific™ in Gadsden, Ala., come unassembled in complete kits and are available in two sizes: 8 by 8 feet or 10 by 10 feet. Both kits feature plain round DuraCast™ fiberglass column shafts, Tuscan caps and bases, rafters, lintels, end caps and all hardware needed for installation.

Manufactured from low-maintenance products, the Pergola Kit is durable and decay resistant and requires minimal upkeep once installed. All Pergola Kits are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. www.dixiepacific.com

The Sheer Answer
Mooresville, N.C.-based L.B. Plastics offers the Sheerline® screen clad system, a patented solution for wood screened porches. The screen clad system covers all sides of a screen porch’s structural components, protecting the underlying wood from UV damage and shielding it from water. The system’s screen cap tightly secures each screen section, trimming the entire structure for a polished finish. The system is ideal for many different-sized frame constructions and is available in white. www.lbplastics.com

A Dynamic Rail
Railing Dynamics Inc. of Egg Harbor Township, N.J., provides its customers with low-maintenance products, including Endurance® original, deck railing and post systems, as well as a fiber railing system, Novaline®. Endurance level rail and stair rail kits are available in white, sand and earth, and a complete line of brackets is available for any application. Novaline is available in a natural, paintable, stainable style and pearl (a white-capped system).  www.rdirail.com 

Thermoforming Needs

What’s in the Oven?
If you are looking for a way to bend contours, thermoforming might be the answer. With thermoforming, a flat surface can become an arch or any other radius or shape you can imagine – enabling you to deliver the products that your customers want.

The Pinske Edge of Plato, Minn., manufactures several sizes of thermoforming ovens, or even custom make one to fit your specific needs.  www.pinske-edge.com 

Moulding and Millwork

Look to the East
EastCoast Mouldings of North Wilkesboro, N.C., is launching a new Architectural Series of mouldings for the upscale housing industry. The domestically grown fingerjoint hardwood poplar profiles were designed with influences from Georgian and Charleston historical architectural styles. The mouldings in the series are double-coat primed and buffed between each coat. There are 28 profiles in the Architectural Series, with plans to expand the product line during this year. www.eastcoastmouldings.com 

A Touch of Spain
Finsa of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, is the largest Spanish producer of particle board and medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Finsa has 20 factories located in Ireland, France, Portugal and Spain. Each one manufactures a wide and varied range of panel products, which include ultralight MDF, Jesso-coated mouldings and its own branded product, Finmoulding.  www.finsa.es

No Prep Needed
Contact Industries of Clackamas, Ore., has a complete line of wood-wrapped mouldings, available in cherry, maple, mahogany, oak and more. The mouldings come in 14- or 16-foot lengths (even 18-footers on request), packaged and ready for easy installation with no prep or pre-drilling. 

The dimensionally-stable fingerjointed substrate is wrapped in defect-free, real wood veneer with color uniformity the full length. Moulding is available in virtually any profile up to 10 inches wide. www.contactind.com

Gain an Advantage
Advantage Millwork Co. of Houston offers a variety of entry doors. The company’s new Stanford Mahogany Series doors are friendly to the environment and offer Forest Stewardship Council verification and triple-glazed insulating glass. This series offers a variety of options and a vast range of door styles, including a variety of designs and camings. www.creativeentries.com

Increase Your Book Knowledge
Ferche Millwork of Rice, Minn., has a new 48-page catalog, “Book of Mouldings,” which it says is filled with photographs of moulding ideas that allows dealers and contractors to discuss moulding options with homebuyers. 

The company will produce any custom-shaped moulding to specification. Red oak is the most common species used in its products, but any hardwood is available upon request. www.ferche.com 

Strive for the Best
Young Manufacturing Co. of Beaver Dam, Ky., strives to be one of the most-recognized names for treads, risers and related products. The company hopes to accomplish this with products like the Moisture Compensating Return® tread (US Patent #4,730,425). It’s designed with a tongue-and-groove construction that completely eliminates the unsightly problem of gapped miters. 

Young’s full product line is offered in red oak, white oak, poplar and hard maple. www.youngmanufacturing.com 

Bring Your Company Luck
Shamrock’s Santa Rosa, Calif., office specializes in selling fingerjoint and primed South American taeda and radiata pine mouldings and millwork. The company says it serves U.S., Canadian and Mexican distributors and door and moulding manufacturers with mouldings, jambs, frames, fingerjoint blocks, fingerjoint blanks and cut stock. www.shamrockbm.com

Exterior Doors

Frame It Up
G-M Wood Products of Newaygo, Mich., supplies a new rot-resistant door system—DURA-FRAME®—which is made of Alaskan yellow cyprus, which the company says is one of the world’s most durable and rot-resistant woods (used in high-end sail boat hulls and decks). The product is finger-jointed to the bottom of a Russian red pine frame component and is end-sealed with DURA-SEAL® and primer coated with DURA-PRIME®, the company’s exclusive coatings.

The DURA-FRAME product is offered in a wide selection of door jambs, brickmould, mull posts, mull casing and custom components and has a limited lifetime warranty. www.gmcompanies.com 

Patio and Screen Doors

A Fresh Garden Feel
Resivir Patio Doors Inc. of Beauceville, Quebec, has a new garden door, R-1500, available with venting and fixed sidelites, adjustable hinges and a swing screen. This model has welded PVC sashes and a mechanically-assembled wooden frame.

In addition, the company will have an all-vinyl R-370 French style slider available this year. This wide sash door has the look of a garden door with the functionality and performance of a sliding door. www.patiodoors.com 

Get in the Swing of Things
RiteScreen of Elizabethville, Pa., is proud to introduce the GranDeur, a hinged, out-swing screen door that features an ultra heavy-duty 4-inch wide by 1 ¼-inch thick extruded aluminum frame and a wall thickness of 0.048 inches. 

Other features include two closers, four extruded hinges, an aluminum bottom expander with flexible vinyl sweep and a complete weatherstrip package. A removable tempered glass panel is optional. www.ritescreen.com 

Decorative Glass

Make a Statement with New Glass Designs
Western Reflections of Gallatin, Tenn., has introduced new decorative glass designs for 2007. The Wyngate design features its wrought iron scrollwork. Finely textured granite glass on the interior side softens natural light, provides privacy and comes in ¾-inch lite, 64- and 80-inch full lites, sidelites and transoms.

The Horizon design is accented with platinum caming and is available in 64- and 80-inch full lites and sidelites.Both designs are assembled into energy-efficient insulating triple-pane units. www.western-reflections.com 


Your Automation Fix
Multiax of Grand Rapids, Mich., offers a machine that feeds doors, automatically adjusts for length and width, positions the door and clamps and outfeeds at the end of a work cycle. The machine is equipped with a five-axis main spindle and two independent three-axis horizontal working units.

The horizontal units will precut, route, drill and square two, three or four hinge pockets simultaneously, as the main spindle completes work on the lock-set area. The main spindle can perform door sizing, beveling, lite cutout, square corners, sweep and closer hardware mortises. www.multiax.com 

Revolutionizing Doors and Stairs
A prefabricated stair machine (model CNC-MFSR) and pre-hung door machine (model 996E/TS) are available from Builders Automation of Largo, Fla.

The servo-driven stair router machine makes faster, more precise cuts, directly from a stored library or the engineer’s downloaded CADs, and the 996E/TS features a bilingual touch screen with built-in self-diagnostics for onsite troubleshooting of problems without having to call in a technician. www.buildersautomation.com

Pre-Hung With the Touch of a Button
WISE Corp. of Largo, Fla., offers the 8800 E-Series pre-hung door machine, which features touch-screen technology and can automatically change from 6 feet 8 inches to 7 and 8 feet door sizes. Door hand, size, hinge size and lock backset are all indicated on the user-friendly monitor. 

The machine is now available with three-degree flush hinge mortising for double-bevel doors; a ¼-inch radius hinge routing capability; and automatic width indexing for double-raised moulding. www.wise-corp.com 

On the Fast Track
Petaluma, Calif.-based Kval Inc. says its recent innovations include CNC controls, solid state programmable controllers with automatic positioning and sequencing, and digital readouts with touch-screen controls for precision.  www.kvalinc.com

Exterior Doors

Create a Legacy
Tacoma, Wash.-based Buffelen Woodworking offers a new family of leaded glass designer-door options.The centerpiece of the Legacy Collection is an arrangement of clear bevels floating in a sea of water glass. The strikingly detailed border features Crystal Ice art glass that dances brilliantly with sunlight. Zinc caming is the finishing touch, offering a subtle tribute to the history of leaded glass.

Available in vertical grain Douglas fir, mahogany, oak, alder and other species of fine woods, the collection has matching jamb components. www.buffelendoor.com 

More and More Choices
Stallion Doors and Millwork of St. Cloud, Minn., has expanded its list of interior door options. The addition of alder and knotty alder makes 12 standard species options from which to choose. 

Add to these options: two raised panel designs, each in two choices of thickness; two flat panel designs; nearly 500 standard door designs; glass options in true-divided lite and more. 

The doors are available in heights of 6 feet 8 inches, 7 and 8 feet or anything in between. In addition, panels can be replaced.  www.stalliondoors.com

No Need to Wait
In response to the growing demand from builders for a factory-finished door system that is ready to install without having to wait for hand-applied stains to dry, Therma-Tru of Maumee, Ohio, recently introduced FinishRight™ technology to set an industry standard for consistent finishes. 

The Therma-Tru FinishRight program offers a finish that will endure harsh weather elements and look new for years. It includes a five-year finish warranty. The new program is available in 5 different stain colors and in a variety of styles, including Classic-Craft Oak, Mahogany, Rustic and Fiber-Classic door systems. www.thermatru.com 

Stairs and Stair Parts

Nine Thousand and Counting
Fitts Industries Inc. of Tuscaloosa, Ala., manufactures more than 9000 stair components—with stock lines in northern red oak, hard maple, soft maple, steamed beech, steamed American cherry, hemlock, alder, poplar, as well as a full line of wrought iron stair components in six elegant finishes. Custom species are available in Santos mahogany, black walnut, hickory, Brazilian cherry, white oak and more. www.fitts.com

Interior Doors

Bookcase and Door in One
Woodfold Manufacturing Inc. of Forest Grove, Ore., is offering a new bookcase door system. The bookcase door features an engineered hardware system that allows the opening and closing of two fully-loaded bookcases.

With a low-profile threshold and the combination of a pivot and roller assembly and multi-adjustable top guide, the bookcase doors are available in hardwood veneers (oak, cherry and maple) with clear lacquer, custom stains or unfinished. www.woodfold.com

Door Components

Make Your Mark
EverMark LLC products are constructed with a durable, full-length, 1/8-inch thick PVC capping. The company’s jambs, mull posts and brickmould are weather resistant. 

The 2-1/2-inch PVC bottom also provides a rot-resistant characteristic to jambs, mull posts and brickmould options—the ultimate in exterior door frame protection. www.evermark-lnl.com 






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