Volume 46, Issue 4 - May 2007

Special Section Covering the Bases
WMMPA Members Offer a Variety of Millwork Products

There are thousands of moulding and millwork products on the market. With so many options, it’s hard to make a decision on which items to distribute. Shelter can help you make this decision by covering some of the products that members of the Wood Moulding & Millwork Producers Association produce. 


A Significantly-Enhanced Product
Contact Industries in Clackamas, Ore., (formerly Contact Lumber) added significantly-enhanced pre-finishing options to its manufacturing facility. This enables it to stain and top coat its mouldings and millwork more efficiently and with higher-quality finishes required for commercial and residential architectural projects. The pre-finishing options include a UV line, which offers an environmentally-superior coating and curing for the company’s products. With UV curing, VOC and HAP emissions are virtually eliminated, company officials say the cure is nearly instantaneous, the energy invested is only in the curing reaction (not in heating the finish) and the end result offers superior resistance to scratches and chemicals. www.contactind.com

Software for Moulding Manufacturers 
Computer Associates Inc. (CAi) has a new Moulding Manufacturing Module for its industry-specific Ponderosa software. Ponderosa software is used by many companies to automate sales, production, inventory, scheduling, POS/e-Commerce, business intelligence and more. Ponderosa’s new Moulding Manufacturing Module is specifically designed to handle the unique production challenges of serialized moulding units. The software includes specialized functions to maximize moulding production capacity and minimize waste. Moulding companies can efficiently convert raw lumber to finished moulding products, track labor, material and waste, accurately calculate product costs, complete serialized units for tallies, tracking and selling and meet additional business requirements—from inventory to G/L—simply, quickly and easily.  www.caisoft.com

A New Upscale Look
EastCoast Mouldings, a manufacturer of hardwood and softwood architectural mouldings for home interiors, launched a new Architectural Series of mouldings for the larger, upscale housing industry. The domestically-grown, finger-joint, hardwood poplar profiles were designed with strong influences from Georgian and Charleston historical architectural styles. The mouldings are double-coat primed and buffed between each coat. There are 28 profiles in the series with plans to expand the product line further this year. Officials of the Wilkesboro, N.C.-based company say the Architectural Series has clean, crisp profile lines and bigger patterns that convey the power of moulding in an elegant and upscale look.  www.eastcoastmouldings.com

A Skillful Touch
Smith Millwork Inc. of Lexington, N.C., has skilled craftsmen to manufacture custom mouldings and door jambs that add character to homes and businesses alike.

Information provided by the company says it uses Weinig non-universal moulders and can run almost any profile in almost any species of wood. Customers can choose from the many profiles of architectural crown mouldings, casings, backbands, base boards, chair rails, brickmoulds and door jambs in the company’s catalog or send the company a sample. The profiles can run up to 2 inches thick and 8-5/8 inches wide.

The company can run orders for 10 lineal feet or 10,000-plus lineal feet. www.smithmillwork.com

Specie-Specific Mouldings
Moulding & Millwork’s softwoods division consists of three specie-specific, quality-driven production facilities, which manufacture a range of mouldings, jambs, stair parts and cut stock. Its Ferndale, Wash., and Cowichan, British Columbia, operations focus solely on Pacific Coast hemlock, producing more than 2 million lineal feet per week. 

At the company’s Clearwood, British Columbia, mill, Douglas fir is the sole specie, utilizing Moulding & Millwork’s long-standing supplier relationships to produce a fine-grain product. www.mouldingandmillwork.com 

A Lighter Option
TLC Mouldings manufactures primed, light-density, fiberboard Harmony mouldings and boards. The company also offers an 11 ¼-inch baseboard, which is available in one profile of 11/16-inch thickness. TLC is located in south Georgia and has been in operation since 2001. www.tlcmouldings.com 

The Best of the Best
Best Moulding Corp. in Albuquerque, N.M., manufactures solid and finger-joint mouldings. It also offers oak, maple, poplar, radiata, ponderosa and banak solid mouldings as well as finger-joint clear and primed mouldings. In addition, mouldings are available in long and short runs. www.bestmoulding.com

The Raw Truth
Yuba River Moulding and Millwork Inc. manufactures a variety of moulding and millwork items. Its capabilities include solid lineal, solid cut-to-length, finger-joint and MDF mouldings. 

In 2007, the Yuba City, Calif.-based moulding producer completed a $2 million expansion that includes a full production line for manufacturing MDF mouldings, both primed and raw. Company officials say the primed line has a premium-quality finish for both MDF and finger-joint profiles and includes buffing capabilities. www.yrmm.com

 Waterproof and Green
Need to offer a moulding that’s everything-proof, yet “green?” Timbron in Walnut Creek, Calif., manufactures interior mouldings from 90-percent recycled plastics that are designed for wet applications. Its mouldings are not only waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, and termite proof, but the company says they were also labeled one of the top ten “green” building products of 2006.

These mouldings offer the same density and look, and cut, sand, nail and paint the same as a soft wood. www.timbron.com 

A Full Line of Products
Cascade Wood Products has started producing a full line of Knotty Alder Mouldings and Millwork. Products, including exterior door frames, brick mould, mull posts, inside door jambs, door stops, door trim, lineal mouldings and S4S profiles up to 11 1/4 inches. Custom profiles and long finger-joint mouldings are available as well.

Mix and Match It
Sunset Moulding Co. offers mixed shipments of solid, finger-joint or finger-joint primed mouldings and millwork, along with its Suntrim™ product, which is manufactured with MDF from its Live Oak, Chico and Cottonwood, Calif., facilities. Company officials at the Yuba City, Calif.-based company say to take advantage of mixing and matching any combination of the products their company has to offer. www.sunsetmoulding.com 


Take Manufacturing by Storm
WoodStorm Automation Inc. in Ft. Collins, Colo., supplies machinery to wood products manufacturers. Whether building complete systems or automating individual workcells, WoodStorm offers small to large companies the ability to reduce labor while increasing throughput. 

The company’s LR and BAF moulder series of lateral chain feeders are being used in a wide spectrum of industries across the United States. Whether running screen mould at 32 fmp or paneling at 700 fmp, the LR feeder sets the pace. For manufacturers running at speeds up to 1220 fpm or for running rough large lumber, the BAF is designed for a 24/7 workload with its powered bridge table, large diameter feed rollers and heavy-duty drive shaft. www.woodstorm.com 

Software Solutions

Information in an Instant
DMSi has designed software specifically for the wood processing, moulding, lumber and building materials industries for over 30 years. Therefore, the necessary industry functionality of Agility, DMSi’s flagship product, is built in. 

Agility addresses the wood moulding industry’s need for inventory, cost and yield tracking. Through this functionality, Agility customers experience improved asset management, streamlined business processes and increased customer service. www.dmsi.com.

Exterior Products

Custom Decorative Mouldings Inc.
Custom Decorative Mouldings Inc. (CDM) in Greenwood, Del., manufactures an extensive line of products such as high-density polyurethane, rail, porch posts, PVC columns and custom PVC applications. 

CDM’s newest product line includes a monumental rail balustrade system. It is aluminum reinforced allowing for superior strength and quality and all hardware is concealed, offering classic styling to any project.  www.custom-moulding.com

Tool Maintenance

Brrrrr. Freeze Your Tools
You can greatly extend the life of your saw blades, moulder knives, bits and cutters by cryogenically freezing them. Company officials of Don Hall & Associates in Waco, Texas, say this technique can save 50 percent and more on cutter costs with less hours in downtime in grinding and sharpening.

Cryogenic technology deep freezes steel cutters at 300 degrees below zero to its core, even on carbide, and changes its molecular structure. The soft component of steel becomes a more perfect, tight-grained, stable structure that can more than triple its wearing life.  www.millworknetwork.com/toollife 

Door Components

Save Yourself from Water Intrusion
Endura’s FrameSaver is known for its rot and moisture-resistant wood door frames. The Colfax, N.C.-based company says its FrameSaver® technology features a 4-inch piece of fingerjointed composite material.A revolutionary wood composite material at the bottom of this wood door frame will not allow water to wick up, yet sands and finishes just like wood. Featuring a rot-resistant lifetime guarantee, the FrameSaver technology is available in entry, patio and garage door frames. www.enduraproducts.com


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