Volume 46, Issue 8 - October 2007

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by Rosalie Leone, executive director of the Association of Millwork Distributors. Ms. Leone’s comments are solely her own and not necessarily those of this magazine.

Let’s Make A Deal
Organizations are an Investment Worth Making

Years ago there was a game show called “Let’s Make A Deal.” Many people will remember this show and its premise. Participants had the choice of accepting a “deal” from the host, Monte Hall, and keeping what they had in front of them or selecting one of three doors with unknown prizes. Of course, the gamble was on which of the three doors to choose: the known deal sitting in the contestant’s lap or the “unknown” opportunity of possible, fabulous prizes located behind one of the doors.

The difficulty with this, or any game show, is human nature and a lack of knowledge about which decision is going to be the best. In most cases, the nature of a person to gamble and take a risk is prevalent. Not having any knowledge of the best choice is what makes the entire scenario a gamble. But what would happen if there was not any element of chance involved? What if each participant had more information to utilize in these situations, reducing the element of chance? Well, game shows wouldn’t be so much of a game, would they?

Your Business Plan
So the question for business owners, in these ever-changing times, is whether or not your business plan and strategies are a “game of chance.” Do you know what prizes are behind the “doors” presented to your business? Are you able to make more rational decisions based on knowledge or are you “just hoping” that you pick the right door?

The bottom line is you need something that will help you to make more educated decisions and have greater impact on the forces that affect those options. No one wants to make business decisions that could impact your financial future on a “gut feeling.”

This is where trade associations can help—the good ones, that is. Associations exist to help make your “game show” (i.e., your business) decisions more effective and less of a gamble. So, you may ask, how exactly can an association like AMD help me win in the game of business? It’s all about understanding the rules of the game and knowing what an association does for you and your business.

In Short Supply
In today’s business world, time and money are always in shorter supply than we would like. And let’s face it; do you really have the time to put all the things an association can do together yourself? Of course not—that’s why associations exist. Not only do you gain an advantage by being part of a consolidated, like-minded group of businesses, but there is power in numbers. 

Organizations like the Association of Millwork Distributors offer a variety of services to their memberships. Those services, like most member-based associations, include lobby representation at your state and national levels of government, educational opportunities, networking, meetings, conferences and tradeshows, which is where the educational and networking really get working for you!

It’s these types of services that are available to you to help you make stronger business decisions. It’s the knowledge you can gain from your association partners, association education services and networking opportunities that help take some of the guess-work out of whether or not choosing a door or taking Monte’s deal are the best thing for you and your business.

What’s Holding You Back
So what’s holding you back from choosing one of the doors in front of you? Despite the fact that we like to call it the “great game of business,” we really don’t like it to be a game, do we? Yet, so many companies wait to take the step toward association membership—or are quick to close the door before they’ve invested the time to see how an association can have an impact on their success.

If you want to win in the game, you have to choose the right door. If you want help knowing which door is the “right one,” join your trade association. For more information about AMD, visit www.amdweb.com.                                                   

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