Volume 47, Issue 1 - January/February 2008

The Next Big Thing

Aspen Aspirations

CGI Windows & Doors Inc. introduces its new Aspen Collection of nine different simulated woodgrain finishes. The company says the new windows and doors blend the warmth of wood with the strength and durability of aluminum. The Aspen Collection of simulated woodgrain finishes features a uniquely patented wood painting process from Decoral®. www.cgiwindows.com

Kolbe’s Kool Doors
Kolbe’s new “Entrance Door Systems” brochure presents a portfolio of signature designs created by combining its standard wood, aluminum-clad and fiberglass doors with options and accessories.

Customized features for Kolbe’s doors include divided-lite styles, grille designs, brickmould and wood species. Blinds, sills, hinges, handles, plates and clavos all can be specified to suit. Your customers can also select a special color or finish, or request a custom match. www.kolbe-kolbe.com

Sensibuilt Stability
Do your customers complain about color instability? Sensibuilt says its colors will not fade in excess of five Hunter units even after a decade of outdoor weathering exposure. Due to the color’s high stability, Sensibuilt has decided to extend its changing color retention to a ten-year warranty. www.sensibuilt.com

No-Rot PVC Surrounds
Royal Mouldings says professional solutions to conventional windows can now easily be achieved using its new No Rot® Window Envelop® Surround Systems. These new pediment and profile accessories are made of 100 percent cellular vinyl PVC™ and are now available from various Royal Mouldings sources.

The Marion, Va.-based manufacturer says all of its profiles are ready to install with a full ten-year-warranted, UV, factory-applied finish, known as Readi Finish®. Royal invites you to stop by its booth to find out how you can create unique designs to complement any style. www.royalmouldings.com 

Gear Grip
If you have customers who work under dangerous and challenging conditions, then Gear Keeper’s™ new heavy tool tether is for them. The TL1-3003 provides full arm extension for operating tools, yet retracts to a tight-coiled position when not in use. It’s ideal for those working in heights, and should your customer loose his grip, he can be assured that his tools are safe. www.gearkeeper.com

Less Time with Dormer Builders
The Dormer Kit by Fypon® cuts down building time to about five hours, according to company literature. Its 1/2-inch exterior plywood template is key to its easy installation. Each kit includes a PVS backer board, right and left pilasters, a pediment, dormer return moulding and a bottom sill. www.fypon.com

DeWALT Drills
DeWALT has launched its industrial-grade four flute, tow cutter Rock Carbide SDS Plus drill bits, along with a new line of four-cutter SDS Plus drill bits. For sale beginning February of 2008, the company says the new SDS Plus accessories provide users with increased durability, bit life and speed for a variety of industrial applications, including drilling holes in concrete block and masonry materials. www.dewalt.com

Loctite T.A.C.
Loctite Universal T.A.C. adhesive is named for its versatile bonding capabilities. The adhesive is made for many applications and repairs where a high-strength bond is required. It works under difficult weather and temperature conditions, according to company information. This adhesive is recommended for use on marble, domestic and exotic woods, mirrors, ferrous and no-ferrous metal, brick, glass, concrete and PVC. www.loctiteproducts.com

Mold Shield
Dura Ban International Inc. has announced the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration of its Mold Shield. The company says the product is an environmentally safe antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of odor- and stain-causing bacteria, fungi and algae. It can be applied directly to almost any surface including carpet, upholstery, non-porous bathroom and kitchen surfaces, Formica, Corian, Si Lessone, stainless steel, synthetic marble, fiberglass and others. www.durabanint.com

MAX’s Barrier
GreenGuard® MAX building wrap is a qualified air barrier material suitable for residential and commercial applications, and provides extremely high water and air resistance that exceeds industry requirements, according to company information.

MAX performs as a secondary weather barrier that resists water that has penetrated the exterior siding or cladding. It also is available in many sizes. www.green-guard.com

Keying the Keypads
Linear LLC has updated its most popular stand-alone keypad models by adding new programming features. The timed and toggled features of the keypads can now be programmed for each individual entry code, making it easy to program the keypads and to wire to doors. The relay toggle (latch) mode is stored in the non-volatile EPROM memory so that the relay state is restored should there be power interruption or reset. The courtesy keypad lights of AK-11 and AK-21W also are programmable for user-defined time periods. www.linearcorp.com 

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