Volume 47, Issue 2 - March 2008

A New Opening
Products to Consider When Expanding Lines

There are always risks involved when your distributorship or dealership takes on a new product line. So Shelter has made it easier for you if you are hunting a new line. The following products include what’s new in the way of doors and windows. You can also read what your peers have to say about the products and what their customers’ responses have been.

A New Brand for MAi’s Biltmore™ Products 
Formerly affiliated with the Biltmore™ For Your Home brand, MAi’s Biltmore™ products are now part of the new, exclusive Chateau Reserve brand. The change is significant for Biltmore™ and MAi. An extension of the Biltmore For Your Home brand, Chateau Reserve products are distinguished by their target market: consumers with a higher average household income—$125,000—and special purchase tendencies. The Chateau Reserve consumer has a more confident style and is searching for “distinctive products that align with her higher home value,” explains Christy Hodgins, director of marketing at Biltmore. “MAi’s products strategically fit the Biltmore Chateau Reserve brand profile and allow us to better engage with our consumers by offering them signature doors with unique designs and superior quality.” 

“[The Biltmore brand] has been absolutely perfect. I don’t think we’ve had a callback on one of them. They’re beautiful doors and a great product,” says Mike McDaniel, president of McDaniel Window & Door Co. in Florence, Ala. “We’ve had excellent response out of them. We put them on display here in our showroom … their catalog doesn’t do the door justice.”

McDaniel says that his company just delivered a big unit to Decatur, Ala., on January 10. The lady who bought the door drove by the showroom six months ago when she attended a concert at Northern Alabama University. She called her husband that night and told him that she had found their door in the showroom window.

“There are companies in the area selling doors that are similar, but the other doors don’t have the same mouldings, detail work and craftsmanship on them,” says McDaniel. www.mouldingassociates.com 

Doors of a Lifetime
A pioneer of the “production flush door,” Lifetime Doors, headquartered in Farmington Hills, Mich., is a flush door manufacturer with approximately 500 employees and a cross-country complex of five manufacturing facilities producing millions of flush doors annually. Each Lifetime location offers a complete range of hollow core, solid core and bifold, primed and prefinished molded panel doors.

“Lifetime Door’s product line has provided a quality selection of products that has easily met the needs within our industry,” says Ken Brister, general manager of Allen Millwork of Shreveport, La. “Our customer’s have been pleased with the product line, and I would suggest [other distributors] to use this product because of the customer service and quality that has been provided on a consistent, continual basis by Lifetime Doors.” www.lifetimedoors.com

WindowsReplace This!
Atrium Windows and Doors of California recently launched what it calls its new good, better and best lines of vinyl replacement windows – Aspirations®, Dynasty® and Heirloom®. The new generation of products provides styles and designs to meet a variety of window replacement needs. Atrium vinyl windows are precision-engineered to provide worry-free beauty and performance with a myriad of styles and value-added options for every setting. Developed specifically for the residential replacement market, the new product lines include a wide selection of window styles including single-hung, double-hung, sliding, casement, picture, awning, as well as bays and bows.

Standard features and benefits available on all of the new product lines include:

Rick Andronicos, president of United Builders in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., says he loves Atrium’s replacement windows. “I get great reaction from customers,” he says. “Installers like it because it’s an easy install.” 

Andronicos also says the windows make a huge difference energy—and noise—wise. “I tell my customers, in my opinion, it’s the best window out there,” he says.  www.atrium.com 

A Remote Access
Amesbury Locca in Sioux Falls, S.D., offers the new Access and Multi products, which the company says gives homeowners the ability to push a remote button and just push through the doors—no keys, no knob-turning. The Access and Multi works with most locking handle sets on the market today. It simply utilizes an electronic strike in the doorframe that releases the locked latch on your existing hardware.

“The Amesbury Locca Connecta is a great product and from the construction side of our company. We are looking forward to installing it in many of the new, high-end homes we are building, as well as many of the commercial properties we’ve built in the past as a retrofit product, and in the new commercial buildings we are working on,” says Ryan Olson, product manager for BHI Construction Inc. in Harrisburg, S.D. “On the retail/distributor side of our business, the Amesbury Locca products offer a great new avenue into upgrades for existing homes.”

Olson says so far the response to this product has been great. “Because this product is just being released, we only have the pre-installation reactions to go on … they love the idea of wireless intercom, and are eager to see how it works,” he says. “Our first client is a high-end, custom jeweler who wants the added freedom to answer the door to their showroom, and grant entry without having to go to the door to ‘buzz’ in their clients.”4 www.amesbury.com 

An Innovative Hybrid Window
The new Legend HBR Window combines the warm, inviting interior décor of a wood window with the traditional look and the low maintenance required of a cellular PVC product. Legend HBR unites Windsor’s Pinnacle Series of wood windows with its Legend Series of cellular PVC products. Featuring a cellular PVC frame and a clad sash, homeowners can now enjoy a wood interior, wide casings with durability in harsh conditions and little maintenance. Carl Roeder, millwork manager for Builders FirstSource in Ridgeland, S.C., says he is excited about Legend HBR Window’s innovation. He says the window creates more freedom to make unique statements with your window design. “The marriage of cellular PVC vinyl technology and that of wood aluminum-clad products, brings together the technology of today with the traditional design of yesteryear,” Roeder says. “[Our customer response have been] very favorable with a limited time in the market.”

He says he has received comments that the windows offer “ease of installation,” “freedom of design” and “choice.” www.windsorwindows.com 

Door and Window Machinery
Prep Your Jamb
The Ruvo 9808A hinge and strike jamb mortising machine was designed so one operator could both strike the jamb and the hinge jamb in one process. The Ruvo 9808A is to be used in conjunction with the machining and preparation for exterior door assembly.

The 9808A will mortise for two, three, or four hinges and will cut for the strike hole and rectangular faceplate. It can adjust for different length and width of jambs, location and number of hinges, size of hinges, size of strike hole and face plate.

The hinge jamb is clamped in place, the first hinge is routed and the machine automatically advances the hinge jamb to the next preset hinge location. At the same time, the operator places the strike jamb against the left or right hand stops, and manually follows a designated template cutting the strike hole and face plate. The Ruvo machine will work with split or flat jambs, as well as with or without the applied stop. www.merrickmachine.com

A Diamond of a Machine
Full House Co. of Melbourne, Fla., offers the Marquise Diamond machine. The company says it was the first to bring to market flush-hinge technology on its vertical line, and now brings new technology to its high-production horizontal line. Most importantly, the technology uses a simplified touch-screen control allowing operators to easily dial in any changes.

The Marquise Diamond is 8-foot capable, automatically handles doors from 4-feet to 1-foot in width and accommodates raised molded doors with instant changeover of hinge sizes. The Internet package allows Full House engineers the capability of running the machine, diagnosing issues, sending updated features, and giving ongoing training without having to travel to the customer’s site.

Quality pre-hung units are produced whether a door shop is running 400+ stock doors, high end custom specials, or a combination of both. The ability of a machine to alert users that adjustments need to be made is an important factor for every door shop. www.full-house.com

A Quick Change Option
Kval Inc.’s new 995 routing and hinge fastening machine is produced specifically for high-volume exterior door prehanging companies. Blank exterior jambs are routed and predrilled for hinge screws. Hinges are then fastened automatically with the traveling eight shooter screw guns. Company officials say that up to two jambs per minute can be produced with a single operator allows change of hinge color quickly. The machine also features push-button adjustments for either three of four hinges and jambs from 6 feet 6 inches to 8 feet tall. A DVD demonstration is also available. www.kvalinc.com 

Save Some Energy
Simonton Windows® has introduced Brickmould 600—a new addition to the company’s Simonton ProFinish® new construction product line. Every window in the new Brickmould 600 series is Energy Star®-rated and comes with low-E/Argon and 7/8-inch IGU standard. Intended for higher-end new construction projects and for installation in more traditional wood markets, the Brickmould 600 windows feature optional PVC grids in Colonial, Prairie and Perimeter styles that create simulated divided lites on the windows. With the exception of the Geometric-style windows, builders also can order windows with 3-1/2-inch flat casing trim installed at the factory with a 90-degree joint at the head to simulate traditional wood trim.

The window series offers a lifetime warranty to the original owner and transferable once, turning it into a 20-year warranty. Glass in the windows is pro-rated in the warranty; first 20 years fully replaceable at 100 percent, 21 to 50 years replaceable at 75 percent and after 51 years replaceable at 50 percent.

Deb Kearse, vice president of marketing for Kohl Building Products, headquartered in Reading, Pa., can’t remember being so excited about a vinyl window in years. “We’ve needed this in the Northeast for so long … We sell a lot of [wood windows] but vinyl had gained such popularity, but there were some things that you couldn’t achieve with vinyl. Now with this brickmould look it takes it to the next level.” Kearse says her company just got its samples of the product a couple of weeks ago, but her salespeople are ready to take it to their customer base. She says the window’s flat casing is really impressive. 

“I think with people trying to accent their homes, there are all sorts of great products out there … this [product] is such a practical, inexpensive option, it’s going to add value and curb appeal and be very profitable for the contractor,” Kearse adds. www.simonton.com 

Become a NOMAD
Pagosa Springs, Colo.-based Dotul Inc. presents the NOMAD prehung door machine. The NOMAD machines pre-beveled, molded skin or custom built doors and has the same features as the Maverick, except for the beveling option. This in turn, creates a machine with a small shop footprint.

Company officials say their goal was to introduce an affordable solution to prehanging pre-beveled doors and allow customers to diversify their business with prehanging capabilities. All Dotul prehung door machinery comes with a 2-year limited warranty. www.globalsalesgroupllc.com   www.dilco.net 

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