Volume 47, Issue 2 - March 2008

The Next Big Thing

Exterior Products
New Line of Curved Trim Boards
FEN-TECH Inc. of Superior, Wis., has recently introduced two new curved trim boards for interior and exterior application. The curved trim boards can be fitted to a wide variety of custom shaped window and door applications. “These new curved trim boards complement our recently introduced Arched Botanica Window line,” says Mike Mirau, president of FEN-TECH Inc.

Made from cellular PVC and composite extrusions, these products offer a low-maintenance option for these products at prices normally less than pattern-cut wood trims.

Curved Trim Boards are now offered in WM180 Brickmould and the popular Wide New England Style trim boards.

“Curved garage door openings, radius window and door openings as well as arched architectural detailing of roof trims are some of the most popular applications,” says Matthew Mirau, FEN-TECH sales manager.www.fentechinc.com

A “New” Traditional Siding Product
Brigade Board is a new product that can be used in place of traditional foam or hollow back siding. The Brigade Board system uses enhanced current-day technology. Company engineers invented a method in which vinyl and insulation can present a uniform exterior structure which allows its internal components to form a solid substance that automatically adjusts to ambient temperatures, humidity and yearly structural movement.

Brigade Board was developed by Georgia Foam of Gainesville, Ga., using vinyl siding from Vytec, an Owens Corning company. The expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation produced by Georgia Foam has an R-value of 4.0 per inch of thickness. In conjunction with vinyl siding profiles, EPS in Brigade Board produces an R-value up to 3.0. The standard .040-mil thickness is used for the construction trade and Brigade Board™ Premium Vinyl .044 mil thickness offers the extra benefits of the TruColor protection formula from Vytec.

Brigade Board currently is available in 16 colors and two profiles: traditional clapboard and Dutch lap. Within the next several months a 6-inch beaded and straight lap will be available.

“As a distributor, we focus on adding value to the brands we sell. For example, we often re-size orders or trim products in our yard to better respond to customer inventory requirements,” says Western Wood Products general manager Mark McNabb. “Brigade Board takes this a step further with a product that we actually manufacture.”

“We call Brigade Board a ‘system’ because its performance features come from our proprietary manufacturing process as much as from the high-quality vinyl and foam. Our patent-pending mechanical fastening system is the solution to a universal problem for siding installers and it helps resolve a common challenge with vinyl siding in general,” Greene says. www.westernwoodproducts.com

A Time-Saving Tool
The L.S. Sarrett Co. has introduced a unique combination tool for angle work. The new ProSite CP505A-12 Combination Protractor provides fast, direct reading for minor cuts, single cuts, compound cuts (with conversion for cutting crown moulding), exact angle/supplemental angles and roof pitch references.

The patented protractor is easy to use. For mitering and making single cuts for butt joints, the user simply adjusts the tool legs to the work surfaces, reads the angle on the dial face, sets the miter saw to the reading and makes the miter cut.

An optional leather tool holster also is available.  www.starrett.com 

A Value-Priced Package
Lightweight and powerful, the new JS5 Orbital Jigsaw from Bosch Power Tools and Accessories is now available. Bosch’s exclusive One Touch™ blade change system enables one-handed blade changes. This feature provides quick and easy blade changes during any project.

The variable-speed dial allows users to control the saw’s 5.7 amps of power precisely and match speed of cut (500-3,100 SPM) for a smooth and quality finish on their work piece. Users can adjust the type of cut even—from smooth to aggressive—simply by using the saw’s 4-position orbital action feature and choosing the appropriate blade.

The jigsaw comes complete with a rugged carrying bag, blade, anti-splinter insert and an Allen wrench. The saw is covered by a one-year warranty and retails for $109.  www.boschtools.com

Sharp as a Knife
Midwest Tool And Cutlery Co.’s new KNIFTI-CUT™ shop/electrician shear and utility snip is a compact multi-purpose snip that features needle-nose blades that provide ready access to confined areas and a full two-inch cut length. Its compact size fits comfortably in the hand making it handy and easy to use, according to a company release. Textured plastisol grips comfort the hand and provide a no-slip grip. 

The KNIFTI-CUT (Model No. P657N) can be used: to shear sheet metal, vinyl, plastic, screening, packaging, cardboard, canvas, leather and paper; to snip soft wire, wire mesh, strapping, cable ties, fishing line, poultry and flowers/twigs; and to strip coated/insulated wire. Hot-drop forged blades make it tough enough to cut sheet metal readily. Rated cutting capacities are: 26-gauge cold rolled sheet metal; 18-gauge copper wire; and 22-gauge soft steel wire.  www.midwestsnips.com

Helping the Ozone
Dow Building Solutions has developed a next-generation foaming agent technology that will allow it to manufacture STYROFOAM™ R5/inch insulation with a zero ozone-depletion factor and cut its greenhouse gas emissions in half for North America. The proprietary formulation substitutes the hydrochloro-fluorocarbon (HCFC) 142b, an ozone-depleting compound that U.S. and Canadian regulations under the Montreal Protocol require be phased out by January 1, 2010, in North America, with a non-ozone depleting compound. www.dow.com/styrofoam 

Commercial Products
Studs Make it Easier to Meet Codes
For light commercial buildings subject to high lateral loads produced by earthquakes and high winds, building codes typically require the use of 3X studs at points in the wall where two pieces of sheathing meet (typically every third stud). In some areas of the United States, solid sawn lumber 3X studs are difficult to find, especially in long lengths for tall walls. Based on these challenges and requests from architects and engineers for an easy solution, iLevel Trus Joist Commercial introduces TimberStrand® laminated strand lumber (LSL) 3X nominal dimension studs. 

TimberStrand LSL 3X studs (2 1/2 inches actual width) are available in a variety of nominal dimensions, including 3 by 8 inches, 3 by 10 inches, 3 by 12 inches and 3 by 14 inches. With TimberStrand LSL 3X studs produced to standard dimension lumber sizes, architects and engineers can avoid the potential for design errors and the additional construction time, costs and hassle of mixing standard and non-standard-size studs in a single wall.

TimberStrand LSL is code-approved and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  www.ilevel.com

MFM Celebrates 20 Years with Sweepstakes
MFM Building Products Corp. in Coshocton, Ohio, began manufacturing its Peel & Seal™ self-stick roll roofing 20 years ago. In recognition of Peel & Seal’s 20th Anniversary, the company is running a sweepstakes program with purchases of the products from February 14 to December 31, 2008.

A customer will receive a card in the carton of Peel & Seal during the sweepstakes. Customers then can go to MFM’s website at www.mfmbp.com and enter the codes from their cards to win. (No purchase is necessary. If a customer is interested in entering, without a purchase, they have to contact the company.) The grand prize is a GMC 4X4 pickup, and the first-place prize is a Harley Davidson Sportster. Other prizes will include a plasma TV, global positioning systems, outdoor grills, hunting and fishing trips and more. 
More about the Product
Perfect for low-slope/low-pitch applications, the company says Peel & Seal is a good solution for dormers, sunroom additions, open porches, storage and agricultural buildings and mobile home roofs. Additionally, company officials say it solves waterproofing problems around chimneys, vents, ducts, skylight windows and other irregular features. An excellent choice for repair of smooth asphalt or metal roofs, its flexibility provides a secure seal at edges, corners and over-gaps and minor surface imperfections. It is available in four colors: aluminum, almond, granite-gray and white.

The product is composed of a patented laminate of aluminized foil, high-density polymer film and a thick layer of rubberized asphalt, Peel & Seal is flexible, self-sealing, energy efficient, low-maintenance and will not crack or dry out even when permanently exposed to the sun, according to the company. The aluminized surface also reflects sunlight to limit solar heat gain keeping interiors cooler and more comfortable. The company says this translates into lower energy costs and Peel & Seal (aluminum color) meets the Energy Star® guidelines for energy efficiency.

After preparing the surface, to install, you cut to the proper length of the material needed with a utility knife, remove the backing paper, press into place, burnish the seams with a small hand roller and the job is done. www.mfmbp.com

Stair Machinery
Increase Your Profits
Builders Automation Manufacturing of Largo, Fla., engineers and builds automated equipment available for the construction of pre-hung doors and prefabricated stairs. Company officials say that the company’s equipment can increase profits by growing output and decreasing labor costs by using newer or upgraded equipment featuring mechanical and technological enhancements. 

The company’s Multi-Function Stair Router CNC/MFSR allows the user to download CAD drawings directly to the processor; select programs from a massive processor stored library or enter data into a menu-driven touch screen manually. It’s fully programmable to cut any combination of box, contemporary or open stairs. The machine cuts top and bottom landing cuts on the stringers while the stringer’s still in the machine. The stair machine is also capable of cutting down the middle of a 24-inch stringer giving four open stringers with no waste. 

The machine’s Windows-based processor also allows the ability to download customers’ orders wirelessly to the machine on the shop floor. Builders Automation will also take old stair routing equipment on trade to make upgrading stair operation easier. All new and reconditioned equipment comes with a one-year warranty. www.buildersautomation.com

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