Volume 47, Issue 4 - May 2008

High Impact
Using Moulding and Millwork Can Increase Home Values

If your sales staff or your customers have forgotten why a newly constructed home or one that’s going to be remodeled should have moulding and millwork installed, here’s a reminder. A home interior that has been finished with crown, base, door and other interior finish work like faux beams that are proportionately sized and appropriate to the style of a home makes a strong statement and can improve the value of a property. Adding crown moulding transforms otherwise plain living areas and injects architectural lines into walls and ceilings.

Many homes, especially homes built after the 1920s, were not built with an attention to finished carpentry like homes were at the turn of the century or earlier. In some cases, even though mouldings may have been installed, the trim that was selected was either too small or too plain to make any noticeable visual impact.

If you are looking to distribute moulding and millwork that makes an impact, read on to see what the Moulding and Millwork Producers Association (WMMPA) members have to offer.

How Crafty?
CraftMaster® Crossmore™ three-panel door features a clean, flat design and an elegant smooth finish. It reflects traditional Craftsman architecture and simplistic Mission-style furniture, according to literature from the Chicago-based manufacturer. Company officials say Crossmore complements current design trends and consumer preferences in kitchen and bath cabinetry. Beginning in spring 2008, Crossmore doors will be available in standard 6-foot 8-inch and 7-foot heights and in passage widths from 1 foot 6 inches to 3 feet in solid core construction. Bifolds will be available for most standard openings from 2- to 6-feet. www.craftmasterdoors.com

A Skillful Touch
Smith Millwork Inc. of Lexington, N.C. will soon have more manufacturing and storage space available to expand its product lines. Information provided by the company says it began construction of a brand new 58,000-plus square-foot warehouse scheduled to be completed by October of this year. The company already offers many profiles of architectural crown mouldings, casings, backbands, chair rails, base boards, brickmoulds, S4S boards and door jambs from its catalog. In addition, the company can also custom grind knives to match any sample. The profiles can run up to 2 inches thick and 8-5/8 inches wide, and orders can range from 10 lineal feet to 10,000-plus lineal feet.  www.smithmillwork.com

Get Ripped with TLC
TLC Mouldings in Willacoochee, Ga., manufactures light-density fiberboard (LDF) mouldings and primed S4S boards, as well as raw-ripped MDF boards. Priming services also are available based on volume.

Company officials say that thanks to the continuing research and development efforts between manufacturing and its key vendors, the finish provided on the company’s Harmony line of primed mouldings has reached new levels. www.tlcmouldings.com 

A Strong Alternative
With 100 percent of the strength of solid wood and at 60 percent of the cost, company management at Young’s Manufacturing of Beaver Dam, Ky., say its Moisture Compensating Oak Reveal Return® tread is an alternative to expensive, time-consuming false ends. The entire tread is hardwood while approximately 6 inches on the return end is furniture-grade red oak, specifically designed for stairs with carpet.  www.youngmfg.com 

Put Your Signature on It
Signature Series Mouldings are available in Appalachian red oak with 85 percent heartwood or select white maple. Company officials at its manufacturer, Moulding & Millwork in Doswell, Va., say the company’s mouldings are produced on Weinig moulders and then profile sanded for an industry-leading furniture finish. www.mouldingandmillwork.com 

Mouldings and Components
Looking for hardwood mouldings, then look to ANP Dimensional Lumber in Ogema, Wis. ANP offers hardwood mouldings in standard WM® series patterns as well as custom profiles. The company also manufactures component parts sized to customer specifications for OEM applications. A wide variety of species are available, including oak, maple, cherry, poplar, birch, ash, basswood and walnut. Other species are available on a special-order basis. www.anplumber.com 

Make the Right Choice
If you are looking for a moulding supplier that has been manufacturing moulding and millwork products for more than 50 years, then Sunset Moulding Co. in Yuba City, Calif., is a good choice. Company officials say its manufacturing facilities are located strategically to provide products nationwide, supplying the building industry with finger-joint and solid mouldings and the company’s own branded product, Suntrim™ MDF products. During this volatile market, company officials say there is no need to be forced into guessing out 45, 60 or even 90 days on what you “might” need. Whether it is a straight truckload of one item or a truckload of mixed items consisting of finger-joint, solid or Suntrim™ MDF, Sunset Moulding officials say they are willing to work to meet their customers’ needs. www.sunsetmoulding.com

Upscale Mouldings
Looking for upscale? EastCoast Mouldings manufactures moulding for distributor, dealer and retailer supply channels. Softwood and hardwood lineal mouldings, jambs and frames in solid, finger-joint and factory-primed finishes are all features of EastCoast Moulding profiles. The EastCoast Architectural Series of mouldings was launched in 2007 and features designs inspired by historical Georgian and Charleston characteristics for upscale homes. According to company information, the unique designs are constructed from finger-joint poplar hardwoods that are double-buffed between each coat and then double-primed for a clean finish. With 28 designs currently available, EastCoast plans to expand the line in 2008.  www.eastcoastmouldings.com

The Best of the Best
These days, it’s a wise thing to have barcodes on your products. If you need a company that can do that, then look to Best Moulding Corp. in Albuquerque, N.M. Best has been in the moulding manufacturing business for more than 50 years and offers solid lineal and cut-to-length mouldings in pine, Radiata, oak, poplar, soft maple, cherry and banak. In addition, the company offers finger-joint and finger-joint primed and chamfer strip mouldings. Also available to customers are jambs with dados to specifications, and Best also can accept long and short runs on the mouldings customers need. www.bestmoulding.com

A Lighter Option
When the demand of a primer that rivaled the best gesso- or lacquer-coat finishes was presented, SierraPine officials say the Sacramento, Calif.-based company answered with new technology and processing equipment. Now that the building industry is looking for more green products, SierraPine says it is ready to deliver again. Its formaldehyde-free Arreis mouldings have been specified on a number of LEED® projects. When architects want enhanced environmental performance, including moisture resistance or a Class 1 fire rating, SierraPine officials say the company has the solution. In addition, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification also was made available this spring. www.sierrapine.com 

Saving the Environment
Timbron International in Walnut Creek, Calif., manufactures interior mouldings that company officials say are the ideal product for distributors’ builder customers and the environment. Composed of 90 percent recycled content (75 percent post-consumer), rated zero VOC and recyclable, Timbron contributes toward green building programs nationwide. Builders, contractors and designers are pleased with Timbron’s ease of use, durability and moisture resistance, according to company literature.  www.timbron.com

Building Character
Nestled among the dairy farms and cheese factories in Plymouth, Wis., is Building Appeal, a manufacturer and marketer of architectural trim. Building Appeal offers the standard assortment of profiles in wood trim and architectural components, but it also offers themed packages of woodwork that include Victorian and Colonial as well as proprietary products called: “Touch of Class™,” “Up North™” and “Just Beachy™.” www.Buildingappeal.com

A Specialized Touch
Founded in 1977, Yuba River Moulding & Millwork Inc. in Yuba City, Calif., is a manufacturer of pine mouldings, which come in both domestic Ponderosa/Sugar pine and imported Radiata pine. The company produces solid lineal, solid cut-to-length, finger-joint and MDF mouldings—either raw or primed. In addition, a bar-coding application is available. Company officials say they specialize in highly mixed truck loads and regularly produces loads with as many as 40 to 50 individual profiles. Less-than-truckload shipments also are an option. www.yrmm.com 

A Taste of Asia
Hong Kong-based Asia Building Materials Ltd., is represented by Jerry Huber and Associates in Raleigh, N.C. It has introduced two new product lines for 2008—white cellular styrene polymer (CSP) profile mouldings and pattern stock, and its clear Cape Cod gray primed 18-inch R&R Paulownia sidewall shingles. www.asiabm.com

Trim Up with AZEK® Scranton, Pa.-based AZEK Building Products Inc.’s AZEK Trim features AZEK Mouldings with 15 profiles replicating traditional moulding standards. AZEK Mouldings have the same look and feel as AZEK Trim products in a white matte finish.

AZEK Mouldings are available in crown, casing, cove, drip cap, shingle band and sill profiles in a variety of sizes and styles. In addition to AZEK Trim and Mouldings, the company recently introduced AZEK® Deck with Procell™. www.azek.com

All About Service
One of these products might be the solution you need to make manufacturing or distributing moulding and millwork easier. 

Software Driven Results
Good software systems can help improve customer service, streamline business processes and enhance asset performance. DMSi’s Agility is built specifically for millwork and building material distributors. Agility’s features bring solutions to the millwork industry, including: SaaS (Software as a Service) which cuts the costs and complications of traditional client servers, while providing the most current application, technology, security and instant online accessibility; and CAFÉ, a rulesbased, graphical configuration engine, which the company says eliminates errors, reduces data file maintenance and speeds up entry of configured units on quotes and orders. www.dmsi.com

Machinery Solutions
There’s no doubt, machinery can save you time and make your company run more efficiently. Stiles Machinery Inc. is proud to announce a new high-speed, push, cross-cut saw specifically designed to cut stile and rail parts to length accurately. System TM’s Opti-Kap 1002 automatically recognizes the length as well as marked defects and cuts the parts with accuracy good enough to process straight to assembly. Capable of handling a wide range of dimensions, single pieces and bundles are positioned by the servo-powered pusher unit with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 millimeters. Like all other System TM products, company officials say the saw is operated easily via the integrated control panel. Features include optional width measuring, software link to engineering programs, inkjet printing, clamping device and eight optimizing grades. www.stilesmachinery.com

Close the Deal
Ponderosa millwork-specific ERP software by Computer Associates Inc. of Smithfield, R.I., helps moulding and millwork manufacturers and dealers to improve sales efficiency, maximize margins and close more business. Ponderosa handles the unique production issues of serialized moulding units while helping to maximize production capacity and minimize waste. Manufacturers can convert raw lumber efficiently to finished moulding products, specify size, species, type, pattern (including custom designs), tally lengths, material recommendations and price, track labor, set-up time and material, accurately calculate product costs, complete serialized units for tallies and re-allocate machines and lines for re-manufacturing.

Ponderosa’s real-time moulding inventory solution tracks inventory from the time raw materials arrive to the shipping of finished goods to improve accuracy dramatically, control and productivity in all facets of warehousing operations. www.caisoft.com/ponderosa

A Few Good Men or Women
In the millwork business, it’s sometimes hard to find employees that don’t need a lot of training. That’s where Don Hall and Associates of Waco, Texas, can help. Log onto www.MillworkNetwork.com to find production supervisors, salesmen, managers of all types or just knowledgeable operations people. Owner Don Hall says his company works on a contingency basis, so you only pay if you find the right person.

The company also represents a company that does cryogenic freezing. Hall says that if you freeze your tools cryogenically, you may only have to buy half as many cutting tools and may be able to run thousands of feet more material before sharpening your knives. www.millworknetwork.com

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Mirror Reflections is a moulding design specialty company. It sells DXF files, templates and knives for most moulders including Weinig, LeaderMac, Kentwood, SCMI, SK-USA, Wadkin, Silver and more. All drawings are designed on a CAD system by a service engineer/moulder operator with 25 years experience in the trade. Company officials guarantee its profiles will work efficiently on your machines.  www.mirror-reflections.com

Be Sure to Coat It
Tewksbury Technical Coatings in Stockton, Calif., is offering a new primer. Its Millwork 1000 – MW01 Series Water Reducible Hi Hide Moulding Primer is a one-component, VOC-complying acrylic latex primer developed to fill and hide profile and surface imperfections on mouldings and shutter components.  www.tewkstech.com

Finish First
ProClassic® Interior Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel offers a rich look and long-lasting finish for trim, doors and cabinets in any area of the home. Literature from its manufacturer, Sherwin-Williams, says the product’s superior flow and leveling efficiently hides surface imperfections. The low-sheen, Semi-Gloss finish also is smooth and durable and can be accomplished in one coat, saving valuable time.4 www.sherwin.com 

What Does the WM® Logo Mean?
The WM® logo symbolizes quality moulding and millwork. The WM logo guarantees to each customer that the manufacturer has adhered to the WM Quality Standards. Should a problem ever arise with a WM produced moulding piece, the WM manufacturer will address the defective product or situation promptly. The WM logo gives the customer peace of mind when buying moulding and millwork.

A Closer Look from A to Z
Here is a short synopsis of what other WMMPA manufacturer members offer the distributor market.

Alexandria Moulding of Moxee, Wash., specializes in multi-item truckloads from quarter round to exterior doorjambs complete with hinge and strike route. The company also barcodes on request and offers FSC-certified products (www.alexmo.com) …

Cherrybark Flooring Inc. in Hazlehurst, Miss., produces face frame and custom mouldings (large runs) from its lumber or customers’ lumber. The company also sells hardwood flooring ( 601/894-4441) … 

Creatus Wood Products is a wood manufacturing company with a primary focus on manufacturing specialty wood products both in hardwoods and softwoods. The Ontario, Calif.-based manufacturer says its redwood finger-joints are manufactured in several popular sizes and grades and readily available (www.creatuswood.com) …

Endura Products Inc. of Colfax, N.C., manufactures entry door component systems that improve door construction, door installation and long-term performance in the home. Endura also offers the rot-resistant wooden doorframe known as “FrameSaver” (www.enduraproducts.com) … 

CAO County Hengda Wood Products Co., with U.S. headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, produces mouldings, jambs, S4S boards, siding, trim, panels, flooring, fencing, stair parts, cabinets, door furniture and other millwork products. The most common species used are Paulownia, China fir (Chinese cedar), pine, MDF and other domestic and imported wood species (www.hengdawood.com) … 

Gossen Corp. is a manufacturer of cellular PVC and mouldings and trim for the millwork industry, window industry and entry door market. Gossen Exterior Mouldings and Trim are certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (www.gossencorp.com) … 

LP Building Products provides moisture-resistant, pre-finished moulding. The LP moulding product line fits the needs of everyone from do-it-yourselfers to professional contractors, according to literature from the Nashville, Tenn.-based manufacturer (www.lpcorp.com) … 

Mt. Taylor Millwork Inc. manufactures solid lineal pine and oak mouldings. Small-profile finger-joint mouldings also are available upon request from the Milan, N.M.-based manufacturer (www.mttaylormfg.com) … 

Company officials at Setzer Forest Products Inc. in Sacramento, Calif., say their company was the first millwork manufacturer to be certified by FSC and Scientific Certification Systems. The company offers “Ultra Select” MDF light mouldings in solid and finger-joint. The mouldings come in pine, fir, oak and knotty pine, while priming, mitered casing and jamb sets shrink-wrapped and labeled are available (www.setzerforest.com) … 

Roland Boulanger & Co. LTD is a moulding manufacturer located in Warwick, Quebec. The company offers Eastern white pine mouldings, steel door stiles and rails, astragals, exterior frames, mouldings in finger-jointed clear pine and hardwood and more. Mouldings are barcoded on request and customers can unitize packaging for full or partial truck loads (www.boulanger.qc.ca) … 

Meyer Moulding & Millwork Inc. manufactures distinctive solid lineal and softwood mouldings for building material distributors throughout the West. The Modesto, Calif.-based company offers multiple species including alder, African mahogany, ash basswood, Brazilian cherry, birch, cherry, Douglas fir, European beech and much more (www.meyermoulding.com) … 

Bertch Cabinet Mfg. manufactures Timbergate interior doors. Company officials of the Waterloo, Iowa-based company say Timbergate is a premium interior door line featuring solid wood construction, solid wood jambs, ball-bearing hinges and limited construction. In addition, a full line of moulding, either pre-finished or unfinished, also is available (www.bertch.com) …

Tre-Pol International manufactures hardwood mouldings and millwork. The El Paso, Texas-based company also imports pine millwork and mouldings from South America and Mexico. Wood species for millwork include ponderosa, Radiata and Taeda pine mouldings and millwork (4 915/584-5415) … 

Enrique R. Zeni & CIA SA manufactures high-quality finger-joint mouldings and primed mouldings. The Buenos Aires, Argentina-based company also has available mitered trim sets, barcoding and more (www.zeni.com.ar).

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