Volume 47, Issue 8 - October 2008

Dear Shelter

Explanation Needed
With high regard for the work of SHELTER, I offer a challenge to Sam Bell Steves II, as excerpted below, and specifically his comment relevant to the [Toyota] Prius. [“Further, environmentally friendly cars, like the Prius, consume more energy to produce than the energy saved through their operations …”] (see article on page 30 of SHELTER’ S July-August 2008 issue) The comment is too capricious even for an “editorial insertion.” Furthermore, it serves no constructive purpose. It appears to intend to bias and inflame the reader, perhaps inciting action. It is noble to attempt to arouse those who sleep, but such a comment and method does not help move the discussion forward.

My challenge is for Mr. Steves II to provide, in a detailed basis, the scientific data in support of his inappropriate comment concerning the Prius. Furthermore, his evidence should appear in SHELTER! Hopefully he will set forth a clear, logical and honest presentation that demonstrates his previously published conclusion.
Ed Burkett
Burkett Enterprises LLC
McAlisterville, Pa.

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