Volume 47, Issue 8 - October 2008


Booth #922: Natural
Looks and Strength
Turncraft invites you to see the product it says is changing the column industry—its newly-released Poly-Classic® DuraStone ™ column line. These pre-colored columns are manufactured using a patent pending process that results in a product that looks completely natural, which company officials say is an industry first. And Poly-Classic® DuraStone™ columns offer the same load capacities as its standard FRP columns, according to company information, and come ready to install without the need for painting. www.turncraft.com

Booth #304:
FSC-Certified Mouldings
If you need a variety of moulding types, including a green alternative, check out BrasPine Madeiras Ltda. of Porto Alegre, Brazil. The company produces a variety of products, including finger-jointed mouldings, exterior frames, split jambs, edge-glued boards and panels. Not only does the company supply to North America, but also to Europe and Asia. Its products are manufactured with wood from planted forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. www.braspine.com.br

Booth #810: New Looks
RSL of Egg Harbor Township, N.J., will exhibit its newest innovations in decorative glass designs, including the Niagara, pictured here together with seven new design styles offered in all the most popular sizes. New designs include the Floral, Horizon, Dahlia, Emerald, Victorian and Knight. Stop by to have a look and pick up a copy of the company’s latest catalog.  www.rslinc.com

Booth #707: Open to Options
Merrill Millwork Inc., home of Park-Vue
Patio Doors, will display its line of Wood/Clad Entry and Patio Door frames at this year’s show. This frame system, using heavy duty extruded aluminum cladding, is available in many different standard and nonstandard colors.

The Park-Vue
Frame System is available with or without screen channels. The frames can be used with customers’ sills, or with Park-Vue’s patented weeping fiber glass sills or Low Profile (ADA) aluminum sills. Cladding, wood jambs and headers are assembled and all weather stripping is applied. The frames can be custom sized to accept any entry or patio door panel(s). www.park-vue.com

Booth #1018: Perfect
Your Operations
If near-perfect inventory accuracy sounds good to you, visit Majure Data’s booth to have a look at how it’s possible. Majure officials say it is transforming companies in the building products industry by driving dramatic improvements through its RF Navigator WMS, Dashboard, Labor Management System and Event Management System software. In addition to near-perfect inventory accuracy, the company says you can: track every movement of material throughout your facility, realize a 20- to 30-percent increase in warehouse productivity, experience more effective management control and provide improved responsiveness to customer demands. Witness the possibilities through a demonstration. www.majuredata.com

Booth #1101: One Size Fits All
How would you like to have a closure clip system to fit nearly every door configuration? Sound impossible? Not according to Doorframer Inc. The company has successfully developed a Closure Clip System to accommodate any door, ranging from flat and split jambs, to exterior doors—2 and 3/8” backset to 2 and ¾” backset.

Doorframer officials say all three parts work the same using technology to prevent door sag, secure the jamb to the door to make a tight unit and create a reveal tab to maintain 1/8” spacing while locking the piece together. Stop by and see how this one piece system will install in four seconds on door construction tables or on pre-hanging machines. www.doorframer.com

Booth #722: A Flexible Seal Innovation
Schlegel Systems, from Rochester, N.Y., is introducing a new magnetic seal innovation at the AMD show. The company’s extruded thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) magnetic seal combines thermoplastic flexibility with the functional performance of thermoplastic rubber. Officials say its new engineering and development capabilities can produce a TPE bulb to meet almost any application requirement.

Schlegel’s sister company, Amesbury Locca, will also be demonstrating one of its new innovations in Schlegel’s booth. The company has introduced new wireless door lock technology that allows users to simply push a button, then push or pull the door open. And it doesn’t require special hardware, as this new technology is designed to work with most locking handle sets on the market today. ✔ www.schlegelusa.com

Booth #1022: Personalized Glass
If you would like to provide the utmost in custom glass options, visit ODL. After testing a custom program in 2007 to help better understand customer needs, the company has launched a custom glass program that allows the ultimate in personalization. The national program is designed to open up greater opportunities for distributors and provides a broad range of custom options for clear and decorative glass. Don’t forget to swing by, because the promotion only lasts through the end of the year. ✔ www.odl.com

Booth #910: Point-and-Click Ease WoodWare will demonstrate and display its newest graphical point-and-click modules at the AMD Convention. The company’s Configured Order Entry system allows for point-and click selection of pictures and options for door units, window units and other products. And this is just one of the exciting new graphical modules available on its Version 6 relational database system.

WoodWare’s software is especially designed for companies that pre-hang doors and handle special order windows, doors and other millwork products. WoodWare WebConnect™ modules are browser-based web modules which allow customers and outside reps to get quotes, place orders and do account inquiries on-line. Stop by for a demonstration. ✔ www.woodwaresystems.com

Booth #621: Help
Them Get What They Want
Coffman Stairs wants to share the details for its customs and specials program with you while you’re at AMD. Your builder clients can provide a sketch or description of their project to one of Coffman Stairs’ authorized dealers and Coffman then helps the dealer determine exactly how to translate the ideas into a unique stairway.

Using the latest in manufacturing technology and machinery, company officials say the program offers quick turn-around to meet construction schedules. It also offers convenient ordering, shorter lead-times and precise turnings.

✔ www.coffmanstairs.com
Booth #999: Save on
Fuel the Software Way
Computer Associates Inc. (CAI) wants to help you save money on fuel. The company has added new capabilities to its Ponderosa ERP software that allow dispatchers to improve the bottom-line profitability of their delivery operations, while maximizing on-time, accurate and reliable delivery of goods to customer job sites.

Through real-time vehicle analysis, you can quickly determine the total value and gross profit of product on each truck as well as the associated delivery costs, including fuel costs, driver overhead and other expenses. Dispatchers also can ensure that trucks are loaded to their highest capacity.

Ponderosa provides an up-to-the-minute view of available delivery resources and displays this information as intuitive dashboard objects. ✔ www.caisoft.com

Booth #1021: Come
by and Speakeasy GlassCraft Door Company will be introducing a new “Speakeasy” wrought iron kit for today’s popular rustic door look. Company officials say this new product is constructed to fit any standard fiberglass door and features an operable speakeasy door with clear insulated glass, compression weather-stripping, hinges, a latch and a decorative wrought iron grille.

The Speakeasy is installed just like any traditional glass insert, with screws on the “inside” and screw covers. The frame is produced using a clear, paint-grade or stain grain wood and all hardware for mounting the insert and the iron grille is supplied. Two different wrought iron grille options are available. ✔ www.gcdoor.com

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