Volume 47, Issue 8 - October 2008

The Next Big Thing

Good as Gold
Moisture Resistance
You can’t control the weather during construction. But you can offer your customers peace of mind with a moisture-resistant sheathing product. DensGlass Gold exterior gypsum panel sheathing from Georgia-Pacific Gypsum is used for building envelopes, ceilings and soffits. With paperless, fiberglass mats and a moisture resistant core, this sheathing resists the effects of surface water exposure during and after construction, and has resistance to mold compared to competitive products.

This moisture-resistant product is backed with a 12-month weather exposure-limited warranty. It should be stored level and kept dry, because dew point or other conditions causing the presence of moisture can damage the product during storage. ✔ www.gp.com/build/

No More Raggedy Sheathing
Are you tired of visiting your customers’ jobsites and finding swollen, weather-damaged sheathing? National Gypsum has introduced Gold Bond® brand e 2XP™ sheathing. Named for its capability to endure extended exposure (e2) to the elements and produced in the purple signature color of National Gypsum’s XP® product line, e 2XP Sheathing is a moldand moisture-resistant exterior panel that is adaptable to a variety of designs and finishes.

e 2XP attaches to the outside of sidewall and soffit framing as a water resistant underlayer for various external materials. It can be used in both wood and metal stud construction to provide fire resistance, weather protection and to add structural strength. In addition, it can be used as a substrate for a number of air- and water-resistant barriers such as building wraps, selfadhesive membranes and liquid-applied coatings; as a component in curtainwall or exterior insulated finishing systems (EIFS); and under exterior finishes including metal, vinyl, wood or fiber-cement siding, brick or stone veneer and conventional stucco. ✔ www.nationalgypsum.com

The Renaissance Recreated
Great mantels incorporate all the key components of European art and architecture. If you’ve got a customer who’s looking for a special addition to that spec home or high-end custom, Francois & Co. of Atlanta offers handcarved limestone mantels which replicate some of Europe’s most picturesque masterpieces.

Thierry Francois, president and founder of Francois & Co., regularly travels to France, canvassing the region for the models for his hand-carved masterpieces. Francois’ French stonemasons then shape identical replicas by using a technique from that of the original artist. The limestone used is reclaimed from historic sites, adding yet another genuine layer to these unique pieces.

Each completed mantel is delivered with a copy of the original masterpiece’s certificate of authenticity, and bears the seal of Francois & Co. ✔ www.francoisandco.com

The Final Pre-Hanging Frontier
Builders Automation Machinery (BAM) says its going where no man has ever gone before—to automated casing of doors with split or flat jams. Officials for the Largo, Fla.-based machinery provider say its Ovation Series automatic casing machine has officially conquered the last frontier in pre-hung door manufacturing.

Ovation machines preassemble casing hoops, backnails the hoops, then automatically positions the hoop on the pre-hung door. The casing is stapled and glued into position, but gluing is an option. If the door is a split jam variety, the machine does both sides. Capabilities encompass jams from four and 9/16- to six and 9/16-inches, and casing from 2 ¼- to 3 ½-inches wide. The automated casing machine does doors from 6 feet 8 inches through 8 feet.

BAM officials report that this labor reducing automatic machine can save in excess of $3 per door in labor savings with a payback of less than 14 months. ✔ www.buildersautomation.com

Beat High Fuel Costs
In the last year, U.S. average diesel fuel prices have gone up 31 percent, according to Energy Information Administration statistics. Chances are you’re distributing goods by truck and you’re struggling to contain increased fuel costs instead of passing them on to consumers. One way you can beat fuel logistics is by using the Warehouse-on-Wheels System by Demountable Concepts Inc. of Glassboro, N.J. It can be used to distribute goods more efficiently and realize significant fuel savings, according to company information.

The system enables companies to shuttle two or more demountable cargo bodies on a semi-trailer from a main distribution center to a regional market where they are demounted. Then in “drop-and-hook” style the semi-trailer mounts empty bodies from the previous round of deliveries and returns them to the main distribution center for reloading. In the meantime at the regional market locally operated straight-trucks mount the loaded bodies and make their deliveries.

The system generates fuel savings by transporting multiple bodies on one semi-trailer for the stem portion of the distribution route.  www.demountableconcepts.com

Stop Squinting at Worn Out Plans
Have you ever squinted at a set of beat up blueprints while performing takeoffs for your builder clients? Offer them an alternative to tossing building plans around on the jobsite. The PT-2640 Portable Plan Table from Trojan Mfg. Inc. attaches quickly to any exposed 2X stud. Its 26-inch by 40-inch plywood table makes a convenient and sturdy platform to review plans on a jobsite.

Just slip the heavy-duty bracket onto a stud and tighten the anchor in place. Quick operation allows you to quickly relocate the table to a different room as the job moves ahead. ✔ www.trojantools.com

Lighten Your Load
If you’re looking for an efficient way to move materials around the warehouse, R&M Materials Handling Inc. of Springfield, Ohio, produces a wide range of material handling products and services. The Loadmate® Electric Chain Hoist offers three standard mounting configurations: fixed top hook, push trolley and motorized trolley. Standard lifting heights come with 10, 15 and 20 feet of lift, with additional lifting heights available up to 150 feet for single fall and 75 feet for double fall. The Loadmate® is also equipped to lift materials at speeds from 8 to 32 FPM single-speed, 12/3 to 64/6 FPM two-speed and 1/16 to 4/64 FPM variable speed inverter.

The Loadmate® features a compact design, precision gearing and easy mounting in order to increase the ease of operation of the hoist. ✔ www.rmhoist.com

It’s All about Character
There’s simply no such thing as too many hardwood flooring options. And ForesFloor, manufactured in Drummondville, Quebec, has added eight new colors and two new character grades to its already extensive lineup of hardwood flooring products.

The new colors include: Ebony, Butterscotch, Chocolate and Rosewood in Northern red oak and white oak; Topaz and Rosewood in hard maple; Chocolate in yellow birch; and Rich Walnut in American walnut.

Also introduced were two new grades, Heritage and Legacy, in the natural hardwood product lineups and a premium grade in stained product. The new character grades are designed for customers who want to see the natural variations of wood flooring. ✔ www.foresfloor.com

Save Homeowners Money in Colder Climates When we think of glass technology, most often we think of keeping the elements out. But homeowners in colder climates can benefit by allowing some elements in. ClimaGuard® 75/68 low-E glass from Guardian Industries of Auburn Hills, Mich., allows in 75 percent of the sun’s natural light and 68 percent of the sun’s heat to warm hoes naturally. Its U-value of .28 provides insulation while maintaining high heat gain. ClimaGuard® 75/68 low-E glass is made specifically for residential windows and provides protection from the cold with superior insulation and clarity. ✔ www.climaguardglass.com

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