Volume 47, Issue 9 - November/December 2008

Dear Shelter

You Got Guts

Dear Shelter,
I tip my hat to R. Mark Reasbeck for his “Going Green Makes Me See Red” article in the October 2008 issue of Shelter and to the staff for having the guts to print it. I have been wondering if ANYONE in the building industry had enough bark on their back to stand up to the “greenie weenies” and their idiotic agenda before they legislate and certify homebuilding as we know it out of existence. Hopefully, this article will serve as a warning shot across the prow of the USS Enviro-Wacko and send it packing away from our shores.

More articles that de-bunk the myths that these people are serving us up and the media is spoon feeding us would be greatly appreciated.

Clifford Barnett
Vick Lumber Company
Madisonville, Texas  

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