Volume 48, Issue 1 - January/February 2009

From the Editor

Inspiring Information
Articles Sure to Motivate You 

Iíve been inspired by the editorial content of this issue, and I believe that you will be too. While itís my job to report on plant closings (see item on page 12), I have vowed to bring you positive information as well. 

I highly respect Michael Collins, vice president, building products group at investment bank Jordan, Knauff & Company. Iíve had the opportunity to sit in on one of Collinsí presentations at a past convention of the Association of Millwork Distributors as well as attend a webinar put on by his company last year. Not only is Collins smart, but he can explain things so the rest of us who might not be so investment-savvy can understand them.

It was after reading Collinsí blog on Shelterís sister publicationís site, www.dwmmag.com, that I decided I wanted to expand on his post titled, ďThree Calls Everyone Should Make Today,Ē for an article in this issue (see page 16). I wasnít particularly anxious to burn up the phone lines asking readers how they are coping with the recession. Quite frankly, Iíve been a little scared of the answers. But after reading Collinsí blog and then talking with him, thatís exactly what Iím going to do. Iíve already communicated with some readers to find out what they are doing to survive this downturn (see news section on page 10), and with some of you I had to leave a message. But donít be surprised if you hear my voiceówith its clear Southern accentóon the phone soon.

One of the best things I heard this week was from Shelterís new blogger and columnist Keith Castleman, who is the general manager of the 84 Lumber location in Blue Springs, Mo. 

When I asked Castleman what kind of features he would like to see in Shelter, he said, ďI like to read things that make me smile Ė or better yet Ė laugh out loud. Iím so sick of reading all these passion-less articles about cutting corners and saving money. Tell me a funny story, make me feel a little bit better about myself and send me out to save the world.†I hate reading things that remind me of Microeconomics class in college.Ē

We still will be publishing the economic information, but, as Castleman wishes, I will also try to find stories to make you smile or laugh. Castlemanís column on page 24 will actually do exactly that. It is going to make you laugh out loud. You wonít be disappointed, and you can sign up to receive his blog posts by following the link to ďA Managerís ViewĒ on www.sheltermagazine.com

I look forward to hearing what you want to read about. And if you want to beat me to the phone, you can reach me at 540/720-5584, ext. 192.

Happy New Year! 

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