Volume 48, Issue 1 - January/February 2009

The Next Big Thing

A Truly Finished Edge
Not all trimboards have the added benefits of being rot resistant and low maintenance, but Royal Mouldings has a product that does just that. Royal S4S Trimboard™ uses 100-percent cellular vinyl PVC™ technology and offers a true finished edge. 

The True Square™ 90°, Stay Clean™ extruded edges have a smooth four-sided finish with Royal’s trademark Poly Select® surface for durability, with no exposed or dirty cell structure to sand, fill or paint. The product is available in three standard thickness—5/8-, ¾-, 1-inch; five standard widths—4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inches; and standard 18-foot and custom lengths. 


Repair It

The COSMOFEN RM by Weiss USA LLC is a two-component repair kit specifically designed to repair cracks, breaks or other damage to a PVC vinyl windows or doors.

Company officials say that COSMOFEN RM is easy to use and an effective way to repair a damaged window instead of replacing the existing unit. Once cured the product can be sanded and polished to restore the profile back to a like-new factory finish, providing the same impact resistance and the high ultraviolet light resistance as the original PVC profile.


Door Installation Made Easier

A&S Enterprises’ door closer templates can be made for any hardware type and any hardware manufacturer and are made of a clear Lexan Plastic that is very durable, lightweight and compact, according to Andrew Valdez, owner. They can be made for a single-type closer or a combination of a regular arm- and parallel arm-type closers when working on both types in the field. Each template is made to fit the top of the door and be able to slide to the desirable location. These are a good fit for doors that are close to the ceiling and the need for holes on both sides of the door makes them ideal, Valdez says.

The templates have all the hole locations needed for a single side installation or a through-bolt type installation, with a first arm bracket hole locator to help locate the arm bracket on the head jamb. The closer body locator and bracket arm locator lines are etched and colored onto the template so the markings are permanent. 


Protect Your Glass
When shipping your products, keeping glass protected is your number-one priority. TBP Squareman Pads have a special coated adhesive the company officials say braves all UV and temperature elements. Its consistent bonding strength protects and pads glass every time without leaving any residue after removal. Plus, the manufacturer says its pads have low compressibility and offer sufficient bounce and recovery properties that act like a super shock absorber.

Advantages of the product include: bright coloring in red and blue for easy visibility; low compressibility of the pad allows layers of glass to remain separated at all times; sufficient bounce and recovery properties allow a shock absorption factor to be present; leaves zero residue on glass and reduces claims of broken glass.

The product has a limited warranty for a period of six months from the date of the first sale. TBP Squareman Protection Pads must be stored in its original packaging in a clean, dry, well ventilated area. Under these conditions a six-month shelf life minimum will apply.


More Wood Species Available
Woodgrain Millwork’s Exterior Frame Plant in Marion, Va., has added several new wood species to its product offerings. Recently added were Douglas fir, mahogany, oak, cherry and maple. The Marion plant is a full-line exterior frame and components manufacturer and, according to general manager Robb Hitch, these new species compliment products already offered to the facility’s customer base. Mull posts are available in a variety of sizes, and brickmoulds, mull casings and transom sills are just a few of the profiles that can be produced with all species. The new wood species can be mixed with standard primed and solid pine components at less than unit quantities for good inventory turns. 


A Flexible Option
Crystal Window & Door Systems has introduced a nailing fin frame option for one of its aluminum window product lines. Company officials say the pre-punched integral nailing fin increases installation flexibility for the Series 2000/2000A double-hung windows and the Series 2100/2100A fixed picture windows, and the option compliments the existing standard leg and optional face flange (casement fin) frame choices for these models.

The aluminum windows come in a variety of styles, all with a 3-¼-inch jamb depth. The Series 2000 and 2000A double-hung windows are AAMA-rated H-C40 and H-C50, respectively, and the 2100 and 2100A fixed windows have F-HC ratings. The windows feature 7/8-inch insulating glass units utilizing PPG Intercept “warm edge” spacer technology. They are available in a wide array of environmentally friendly powder coat custom color finishes, as well as with energy efficient low-E glass and argon gas options and decorative between-the-glass grids.


Custom Stairs Made Easier
From design to production, StairCon simplifies custom staircase manufacturing. If you can conceptualize it, StairCon can draw it, estimate it and get it to the production floor fast with shop drawings, bill of materials and, if necessary, CNC code.StairCon provides automation for stair builders and manufacturers challenged to accelerate information flow, eliminate operative wastes and reduce errors. Easy-to-use, stair-building utilities let you design and view even the most custom stairs from different perspectives, while configuring stringers, risers, treads and balustrades—without any prior CAD experience, according to company information. In addition, StairCon’s cost estimating tool accelerates the delivery of accurate, detailed estimates and comprehensive floor plan, elevation and 3-D views letting clients visualize and approve their staircase on the spot.


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