Volume 48, Issue 2 - March/April 2009

The Next Big Thing

Straight from the Show Floor

Exhibitors at this year’s Builders’ Show in Las Vegas were busy showing off new products that could help you and your customers gain market share in this tough building market. Here are some products—straight from the show floor. 

Get Trim
You can now supply your customers with a door product they can cut down. 

These doors, manufactured by Plastpro Inc., feature trimmable 1-inch stiles on each side, as well as a half-inch top rail and a 1.5-inch bottom rail inside the door’s reinforced fiberglass skin. The trimmable doors utilize the company’s exclusive Hydroshield Technology™, which eliminates water infiltration and prevents rotting and warping, according to a company release.

Plastpro’s new trimmable door is available in 12 styles.


Brace Yourself
You can help your builder customers make home designs simpler with the iLevel® Shear Brace, which is now available in a 24-inch width. The new dimension provides builders with an easy-to-install, narrow brace to help homes resist lateral forces from earthquakes and high winds. Made of TimberStrand® laminated strand lumber, it is field-trimmable and offers ease of nailing and drilling, according to company information.

The 24-inch-wide brace accommodates greater allowable design loads than existing widths. For example, an 8-foot nominal height 24-inch-wide Shear Brace has nearly five times higher allowable shear in seismic and wind designs than the same height in a 12-inch width. As a result, the new width can be used for even more demanding lateral bracing applications in buildings. 


Retractable Screens for Large Doorways
Your customers might be requesting a screen for a very large doorway, and now there’s a product that fits.

Ideal for folding wall systems and other large openings, Phantom Screens’ Infinity Retractable Screen Solutions™ allow building professionals to screen applications without limitations to widths. Infinity uses a series of pleated screening panels that fold away when they aren’t required. 

In addition, the company’s Distinction Retractable Screen Solutions™ can be used that are too large for standard size door screens. 


Serving the West
Meyer Moulding, located in the heart of California’s central valley, is situated to serve the needs of moulding, flooring, lumber and other building material distributors throughout the west with solid lineal hardwood mouldings. Multiple species are available including red oak, white oak, poplar, hard maple, cherry and alder as well and a variety of mahogany and other exotic species. Specialty products include embossed and dentil mouldings, dado and kerfed jambs and frames, glued up panels and other custom-cut and processed items to name a few. 

Going for High-End
Inline Fiberglass Ltd. is expanding its product line in an effort to gain more of the high-end architectural products market. With the recent introduction of natural stainable oak finishes, Inline offers more hardware options as well as its latest French-style sliding patio door.

“With the space saving design of a sliding door along with outstanding thermal performance, it’s the perfect combination for even the most demanding consumer,” says Mike Levine, international sales manager. “It is a high-end product that will be priced very competitively.” The new door incorporates the company’s standard patio door and a traditional French-door look with a high bottom rail and wider stile. In addition, the new door will feature two-point lock and handle options by Truth Hardware. 


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