Volume 48, Issue 3 - May 2009

Find Your Niche
Moulding and Millwork Products to Help Target Potential Customers

In today’s market, it’s important to find products that will fill a niche. You don’t want to carry products that your competitor distributes. Members of the Moulding and Millwork Producers Association (formerly know as the Wood Moulding and Millwork Producers Association) have products that could help you set yourself apart from your competition and offer products that are unique in your market. Read on and find products manufactured by MMPA manufacturer members to fit your niche. 

A New PVC Technology

Royal Mouldings of Marion, Va., has a new trimboard available in both smooth/smooth and reversible woodgrain/smooth finishes. The Royal S4S Trimboard™ uses 100-percent cellular vinyl PVC™ technology and has a true finished edge. The True Square™ 90°, Stay Clean™ extruded edges have a smooth four-sided finish with the company’s trademark Poly Select® surface for durability, with no exposed or dirty cell structure to sand, fill or paint. The product is available in three standard thicknesses (5/8-, ¾- and 1-inch), five standard widths (4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inches) and standard 18-foot and custom lengths. 


A Custom Job

Smith Millwork Inc. of Lexington, N.C., offers many profiles of architectural crown mouldings, casings, backbands, chair rails, base boards, brickmoulds, S4S boards and door jambs from its catalog. In addition, the company can also custom grind knives to match any sample. The profiles can run up to 2 inches thick and 8-5/8 inches wide, and orders can range from 10 lineal feet to 10,000-plus lineal feet. 


Don’t Pine Away

Yuba River Moulding and Millwork Inc. in Yuba City, Calif., manufactures pine mouldings in both domestic ponderosa and sugar pine as well as foreign radiata pine.It produces solid lineal, solid cut-to-length, finger-jointed and MDF mouldings either raw or primed. Barcoding is also available.

Officials also say the company specializes in highly-mixed truck loads and regularly produced loads with as many as 40-50 individual profiles. Less-than-truckload shipments also are an option.


Rack Up on LEED Points

TLC Mouldings of Willacooche, Ga., is a domestic manufacturer of primed medium-density fiberboard (MDF) mouldings, primed boards, raw rip stock and bull-nosed shelving.

All of the TLC offerings are SCS Green Cross certified for recycled content. All products are now also EPP certified for CARB 1 compliance.

In addition, company officials say its products can contribute to LEED points for proximity and recycled content.

All TLC products are made in the United States. 


No Unsightly Gapped Miters

Young Manufacturing in Beaver Dam, Ky., is a family-owned American manufacturer. Company officials say they take so much pride in their work that they stamp every product with the family name before it leaves the facility.

The company strives to be the most-recognized name for treads, risers and related millwork products in the industry. Company officials believe this combination is reflected in the Young Moisture Compensating Return® tread, designed with a tongue-and-groove construction that eliminates the problem of gapped miters. Young’s full product line is offered in numerous hardwood species. 


Taking It a Step Further

EastCoast Mouldings in Wilkesboro, N.C., has been a primary source for mouldings for more than 26 years. The company offers custom moulding profiles and the latest digital technology. The company provides 1,000 different moulding profiles, and it has an architect library on its website, which company officials say is a resource of CAD-ready .dxf moulding profiles that can be downloaded directly over the Internet. The company’s custom moulding profiles are available in American cherry, aromatic cedar, birch, black walnut, Brazilian cherry, genuine mahogany, hard maple, knotty alder, poplar, radiata pine, red oak, western red cedar, white ash, white pine and yellow pine.


Serving the West

Meyer Moulding, located in the heart of California’s central valley, is situated to serve the needs of moulding, flooring, lumber and other building material distributors throughout the West with solid lineal hardwood mouldings. Multiple species are available, including red oak, white oak, poplar, hard maple, cherry and alder as well and a variety of mahogany and other exotic species. Specialty products include embossed and dentil mouldings, dado and kerfed jambs and frames, glued up panels and other custom cut and processed items to name a few. 


A Traditional Choice

Gossen of Milwaukee has manufactured traditional moulding and millwork for more than 80 years and has been a leader in U.S. cellular PVC market. 

The company offers 107 exterior millwork patterns, 45 interior finished profiles and 133 exterior door and window profiles. This range includes all regional design variances in the basic profiles, as well as the many profile details that speed the finishing of each job. Gossen is an AAMA 308-05 certified extruder of fenestrated exterior profiles.

In addition, its WeatherReady® exterior materials line offers a protected cellular PVC formulation that assures high-strength, stain resistance and weatherability in complete profile selections for moulding, trimboard, deck board and railing applications. 4 


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