Volume 48, Issue 3 - May 2009

Moulding the Future

by Kellie A. Schroeder, executive vice president of the Moulding and Millwork Producers Association. Mrs. Schroeder’s comments are solely her own and do not necessarily reflect those of this magazine.

Production Series Expands
Suppliers to Moulding Manufacturers See Opportunities This Summer

It’s a mad, mad, mad millwork world we live in today. Words like attrition and contraction in relation to manufacturing plants and millwork markets are part of normal industry conversations at any program or event you attend. However, I am here to buck the norm and tell you something is expanding in 2009. The underlying theme to the Moulding & Millwork Producers Association (MMPA) events for 2009 is “positive persistence.” Our membership—consisting of wood, MDF and PVC moulding manufacturers—is persisting in a positive manner to seek sales opportunities, new relationships and fine-tune our operations in spite of the less than desirable 2009 millwork market.

What’s This?
What exactly is expanding? The answer lies within our “Production Series for Millwork Manufacturers”—focused education highlighting plant production and operation. Energy efficiency in equipment and plant operations, emerging trends in the U.S. housing market, raw material supply, global market opportunities, and vision tables specifically concentrated on segregated issues for PVC, wood and MDF production were just a few offerings during the latest production program. After a successful run in March 2009, the production program will expand with the help of the suppliers to the moulding manufacturers this July during the MMPA’s Summer Business Meeting in Naples, Fla. 

The MMPA will add a Productivity Info Exchange (PIE) to its production series thereby expanding a manufacturer’s opportunity to connect directly with their suppliers in a meaningful learning environment. Companies such as WoodEye North America, Sherwin-Williams Co., Stiles, National Casein of California and Lumbermen’s Underwriting Alliance, for example, will be on-hand for one-hour sessions to educate, advise and explore equipment, product and service opportunities with manufacturers. Manufacturers will be asked to register for the PIE event and send in a wish list of questions and/or topics on which they are seeking detailed information. Those questions, topics or specific issues will then be referred to the relevant supplier so it may design an educational program for the attendees. These sessions will not be sales pitches to purchase the speaker’s product or service. The PIE sessions will focus on educating, illuminating and problem-solving for the manufacturers on distinct issues brought to the attention of the suppliers. The sessions will also look to future products and services that should be considered in the manufacturing process. Attendees who would like further sales information from the presenting supplier company may seek out the speaker after the close of the session. 

A Piece of the PIE
Manufacturing attendees may register for the PIE event as a stand-alone program or take the opportunity to register for the combined PIE and production series educational programs taking place during the MMPA’s Summer Business Meeting. Both programs will take place at the award winning LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort from July 28 – August 2, 2009. A reasonable ocean or bay view room rate of $149.00 per night without resort fees and taxes, and the ease of the Southwest International Airport location makes this an ideal fly-in and fly-out opportunity for attendees. One does not have to be a member to be invited to register and attend these events. Watch for further information on the moulding association’s event calendar website: www.wmmpa.com or contact the Wood Moulding (WM) office directly to secure your invitation by calling 530/661-9591.

What else happens at MMPA meetings? In March, a group of PVC manufacturers and suppliers sat down together for almost two hours to discuss timely topics affecting their market and manufacturing processes. The MDF manufacturers circled around a speakerphone as they volleyed questions at a panel from the California Air Resources Board regarding reductions in emissions requiring costly forklift retrofits and Phase 1 and 2 sell-through compliance concerns for the Air Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) regulation. The solid lineal and fingerjoint wood manufacturers discussed their raw material supply concerns and freight issues. If you are a manufacturer of moulding and millwork, you deserve to attend the upcoming PIE and MMPA Summer Business Meeting in Florida. Get yourself to a WM meeting, we want to talk to you. 

Mark the Date!
July 29 - August 2, 2009 

Moulding & Millwork Producers Association (MMPA) 46th Summer Business Meeting 
LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort.Naples, Fla. 
For information call 530/661-9591 or visit www.wmmpa.com.

July 31, 2009
Productivity Info Exchange (PIE) & Production Series for Millwork Manufacturers 
LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort.
For information call 530/661-9591 or visit www.wmmpa.com.

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