Volume 48, Issue 3 - May 2009

The Next Big Thing

The Handcrafted Look

Old World Millworks of Dekalb, Ill., offers handcrafted custom doors and millwork products to distributors, builders and craftsmen. Company officials say building professionals can choose from a large selection of premium wood species and hundreds of standard and custom tooling profiles for doors, mouldings, stair parts and more. Prefinishing is also available 

MMPA Associate Member Products
Stay in Stile

Stiles Machinery Inc. in Grand Rapids, Mich., has debuted a new entry-level series of Kentwood moulders for smaller shops who are interested in producing their own mouldings. The entry-level (EL) moulders are offered in four-, five-, and six-head versions with 7- and 9-inch widths and include spindle breaks to promote safety. 

The Standard (S) moulders are built on a larger platform to handle increased production demand and deliver a wider range of options. Available in four-, five-, six-, and seven-head versions, the S machines offer increased horsepower and larger cutting circles. Each model includes electronic spindle breaks to enhance functionality, performance and safety.

Designed for the Small Shop

WEINIG has a new moulder line, the New Unimat 800. The new line is designed specifically for the small shop budget, but it is built with the capacity required to handle demanding profiles. It is equipped with 8000 rpm spindles and large 9-7/8-inch cutting circles.

Evaluating Your Needs

KibbeChem in Elkhart, Ind., evaluates the needs and efficiencies of its customersí processes, and determines how its blowing agents and colorants will work best with its customersí systems.

The company tests factors such as thermal decomposition, gas evolution and UV degradation to create a formula thatís tailored for its customersí applications. KibbeChem company officials say it uses strict standards to ensure it meets customer specifications. 

A Prime Option

Valspar manufactures 100-percent acrylic water-based primers and prefinished topcoats for MDF and pine substrates.

Formulated for several production applications, company officials of the Wheeling, Ill.-based corporation say their MDF primer has excellent fill and flow properties which produce an exceptionally smooth surface. 

Company officials also say the pine primer provides full coverage over domestic and radiata pine, is formulated for several production applications and can minimize re-runs, keeping operating expense to a minimum. 

Create a Bond

National Casein of California says you can have a perfect bond every time with its WP-4379-2 crosslinking PVA adhesive.

When combined with the companyís K-1 crosslinking agent, this environmentally-friendly, Type I, exterior-use, water-based adhesive is LEED-compliant and formulated for cold press, hot press, radio frequency and finger-jointing applications. Company officials also say that WP-4379-2 comes highly recommended for fine exterior doors and windows.

Earn a Return on Premiums

Lumbermenís Underwriting Alliance (LUA) is the endorsed insurance carrier for the Moulding and Millwork Producers Association (MMPA). One of the benefits of this relationship is an opportunity for MMPA members to earn a return on premiums. The company says its extensive experience in the industry has resulted in a company with the specialized ability to understand moulding and millwork businesses and handle a wide range of high risk, customized insurance products and services. 

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