Volume 48, Issue 6 - November/December 2009

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As Industry Changes, So Does Shelter

Coming in the January/February 2010 issue, you will see a new look for Shelter. We, too, are taking the lead, and merging Shelter magazine with our sister publication, Door and Window Manufacturer (DWM) magazine. The industry supply chain that was once a clear-cut line chart is today a chaotic looking spider web as distribution lines and channels to market have become blurred. In past times, both the manufacturer and the supply chain needed their own magazines; today this is no longer true as their information needs have merged. And so, too, shall their leading magazines. DWM/Shelter still will focus on the manufacturing issues as well as the supply chain issues, but when we bring them together, you, our readers, also will benefit and be able to be educated on issues on the manufacturing side to help you better understand the products.

Not only has the supply chain changed over the years, but the products have as well. DWM/Shelter still will continue to focus on the doors, windows and millwork products you sell, but also give you insight to the new products and technologies coming down the road to help you plan accordingly. Remember when the term millwork was a wood door, a wood window, or a wood moulding? Well, now millwork can cover anything from wood, MDF, PVC, fiberglass, and composite materials, to name a few. Yes, times change and products do as well. So with the merger of the two, DWM/Shelter is going to give you the edge as to the new products and technologies being used in manufacturing which certainly will affect how you do business in the future.

In the publishing industry, we, too, need to keep up with the new products and technologies to help us keep you, the reader, informed and up to date as things happen. Key Communications Inc., publisher of DWM/Shelter, always has been the leader in opening doors for our readers when it comes to offering new avenues to gather information. With the merge of the two publications, you now will have access to our online newscast, digital editions, e-mail newsletters, videos, specialty sites and e-mail blasts when hot news items break. You can find it all at www.dwmmag.com.

Hopefully you have been forward thinking and have a plan to tackle 2010 and the coming years. I always look at it as you can lead, follow, or get out of the way!

DWM and Shelter magazines certainly have been the leaders in the past in covering the manufacturing and the supply chain issues in the millwork market. In 2010, as we merge the two magazines, we certainly aren’t going to follow anyone in the publishing industry and we will continue to be the leaders in helping you gain insight and knowledge to help you manage your business better.

As for me, I plan to continue in a publishing role in the merged publication and I look forward to working with you in the future.

I hope you like our new look in 2010!
—Brian Welsh

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