Volume 48, Issue 5 - September/October 2009

The Next Big Thing


New Doors to Open
Global Door and Millwork offers an innovative approach in purchasing high-quality interior imported doors. By providing out-of-warehouse sales, Global Door company officials say their company is able to drastically reduce the ordinary lead time of production and shipping which minimizes the need for large customer inventory.
The doors are crafted from 12 beautiful wood species in the most popular traditional and contemporary styles (primed doors are also available), and a limited five-year warranty is extended to insure customer satisfaction.

Compress It
The compressor is the heart of any air-powered system and Campbell Hausfeld in Harrison, Ohio, has introduced a home compressor that is both easy to use and easy to store. Armed with Rapid Inflation Technology™, the compressor first fills the hose with compressed air so users can start working immediately. The tank then fills while the user works.

Currently Campbell Hausfeld has exclusive big box distribution with Lowe’s, but will also distribute the product in the LBM channel. www.chcompressors.com


Remediate the Mold
Builders Automation Machinery in Largo, Fla., and MoldStoppers Manufacturing are introducing the patent-pending Remediator machine, an advanced technology solution to mold issues on lumber. This automated piece of equipment will remove mold from lumber at 3000 psi and then washes the lumber in a 20 gallon per minute bath of patented MoldBlock. Company officials say the Remediator has been designed to work exclusively with the mold inhibitor. After the mold is removed the MoldBlock applied lumber is then warranted for 90 days in full exposure to the elements. This means no more jobsite cleaning of moldy lumber as well as no more returns when a job is delayed because mold will not grow on your lumber, according to the company. www.buildersautomation.com



A Flexible Alternative
Fluted Beams LLC in Gig Harbor, Wash., offers a flexible lumber option to those who work on projects requiring bent wood components. Cold-Bend™ hardwoods are flexible, clear, straight-grained solid and cold bendable hardwood lumber products that creates bent parts and designs for applications ranging from architectural woodworking, stair manufacturing, door and window millwork production and instrument manufacturing to structural and non-structural components in boatbuilding and heritage structure restoration.

Cold-Bend™ hardwoods are manufactured using intense thermo-mechanical compression that creates a bellows-like effect at the cellular level, allowing the hardwood to stretch as it bends. The proprietary Compression Bending™ techniques do not alter the appearance of the wood nor its ability to take finish. No chemicals or glues are used in the hardwood product. Cold-Bend™ hardwoods can be matched to standard kiln-dried stock, and are available in clear S2S blanks in thicknesses up to 1 ¾ inch, widths up to 6 inches and lengths up to 100 inches. www.flutedbeams.com



A Sense of Security
The RiteScreen Co. of Elizabethville, Pa., has a new extruded latching window screen for double-hung windows. The screen latches securely into place upon closing and has a wall thickness of 0.040 inches and features the company’s unique staked corners to build strength and eliminate gaps at the miters. Shapes with an integral stop leg, latch and interior wool pile are available. www.ritescreen.com



Fire Fears be Gone
SierraPine in Roseville, Calif., introduced Encore™ FR—a Class 1 (A)-certified, no-added urea formaldehyde (NAUF) particleboard recently. According to the company, Encore FR is the newest addition to the Sustainable Design Particleboard product line, which includes Encore and Encore MR. Encore FR is designed specifically for green building and other environmentally-sensitive applications, where fire safety is a concern and where local, state or federal fire code regulations must be met.

Encore FR is produced with a non-borate flame retardant system which expands lamination and coating options. In addition, the product has been engineered with superior physical properties to other comparable products. Encore FR is available for immediate shipment out of SierraPine’s Springfield, Ore., plant with the option of FSC certification.



Doors with Low VOC Primers
CraftMaster Green Doors are made with sustainable materials, recycled content, low VOC primers and adhesives and contain no added urea formaldehyde. CraftMaster Green Doors are available in all the manufacturer’s raised-panel, molded door designs. In addition to standard hollow core construction, the doors are available with a solid GreenLite”! fiberboard door core.
The rigid, lightweight core provides the heft, weight and sound-deadening properties of a solid wood door, plus it is made using wood obtained from forestlands that are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

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