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Only Online - Shelter March 2007
Freeze! More Concrete-Related Products

A Variety of High-Power Solutions
Hilti Corp., a manufacturer and supplier of specialized tools and fastening systems based in Schaan, Liechtenstein, says its DX 460 family features a fully-automatic piston return system that provides a higher fastening rate without needing to manually cycle the tool. With a power regulation feature, the company says a variety of cartridge levels and a wide range of fasteners can be used to provide consistent fastening quality in a number of applications. Additionally, it says the tools offer total mobility, complete independence from electrical supplies and a new design that allows for easier maintenance.

Power and Flexibility
ITW Ramset, another Illinois Tool Works member company that's based out of Wood Dale, Ill., offers the Rocket -- a .27 caliber, semi-automatic strip tool with a 2-inch pin capacity and power adjustment feature.

Ramset says this tool is very powerful, weighs 4.9 lbs, has low recoil and is ergonomically balanced. The company offers a variety of pin types and sizes for the Rocket, enabling it to fasten a variety of products to concrete - everything from drywall to heavy-duty framing. Ramset pin sizes for this tool range from 5/8-inch to 2-inch and are International Code Council (ICC) approved.