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Excerpt from an article from Ahlers and Cressman: This article provides an overview of the difference between indemnification and being added as an additional insured to an insurance policy. For further information on indemnification provisions, follow these links to a few of our previous blog posts: Top 10 Construction Contract Provisions – Indemnity; Anti-Indemnity Statutes to Prevent Overreaching; and Amendment’s to Washington’s Anti-Indemnity Statute. Continue Reading

Excerpt from an article from Insurance Journal: Builders and contractors can expect another year of steady growth in 2016 and so can the insurance specialists that serve this rebounding market. Continue Reading

If you didn’t look too closely at the 2016 federal budget bill, which President Obama signed earlier this month, you probably missed a small provision that could have a giant financial impact on the construction industry. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration hasn’t made an upward adjustment of fines since 1990, and the new budget directs the agency to raise them and, on a yearly basis, keep them in line with the Consumer Price Index. The index has risen approximately 82% since 1990, so the initial change could see the dollar amount of OSHA fines skyrocket.
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Excerpt from an article from Crane’s New York Business: Anastassios “Tommy” Intzeyiannis lived with his wife in a Howard Beach, Queens, apartment, where they were gearing up for their second wedding anniversary and trying to start a family. He was still close to his mother and two siblings, who lived in the Astoria, Queens, home where he grew up. They recall Tommy as a boisterous grill master whose patience with barbecued ribs paid off for anyone within smelling distance. At work for a concrete construction contractor, he earned the nickname “Chopsaw,” after the power tool. Continue Reading

Excerpt from an article from Contractor default inflicts huge losses on everyone involved — on contractors and project owners alike, though in different ways — and can delay, and ultimately stop, a project. This is why surety bonds are put in place, to secure the successful outcome of a project. Almost all public construction projects, as well as a number of private construction projects, are backed by surety bonds. Continue Reading

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Binswanger Glass, an affiliate of Grey Mountain Partners, has acquired the assets of Signature Glass Inc., a contract glazing business in Houston. “We are privileged … Continue Reading

The Tampa Police Department honored two Bradenton, Fla.-based Key Glass employees last Thursday for their life-saving efforts. Key Glass provides a comprehensive annual safety training … Continue Reading

For the sixth time in seven years, Giroux Glass Inc. has been named one of the “Best Places to Work in Los Angeles” by the … Continue Reading

Giroux Glass announced it has moved to a new, larger office location in Fresno, Calif. Continue Reading

Excerpt from an article Giroux Glass: Just another day in the shop today here at Giroux. We’ve got a job coming up to replace a big panel of glass for the group of architects at Gensler. Their US HQ is at 500 S. Figueroa in downtown LA, and this big panel is one of a series in their “jewel box.” That’s their ground-level series of windowpanes that go around the building. Our project estimator, Jay Ramos, said “It looks like a BB gun caused damage to the piece, and it left behind a small round hole”. This is what we’re replacing. Continue Reading

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The market for fire-rated glass products has seen rapid growth in recent years. Gone are the days of wired-glass stairwells, as the industry has welcomed in an abundance of light and transparency that flows deep into the building—thanks in part to the developments in fire-rated glazing materials. But, not everything is always as simple as it may seem. In some instances that rapid growth has also resulted in a lack of exposure to glass and framing developments, some experts say. And contract glaziers, for one, are not always aware of the inherent differences in fire-rated materials compared to traditional products. Continue Reading

They say in Vegas the eye in the sky is watching us all, but it’s a different “eye” that takes the stage once a year when the contract glaziers head into town. I-words, instead, were the name of the game during the 2014 Building Envelope Contractors (BEC) Conference, organized by the Glass Association of North America, which took place March 16-18 at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino. Here’s a look back at five key themes that resonated throughout this year’s event. Continue Reading

The construction industry has seen a recent increase in fatalities on job sites, and members across the industry have now come together this week to … Continue Reading

When USGlass magazine approached us about creating a way to measure contract glaziers’ confidence in the future, we set about to test and develop research … Continue Reading

“We had the largest backlog and the largest receivable in the history of the company at the time of the receivership so it’s all hard … Continue Reading

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