Iron Workers, CBO Glass Nearing Out-of-Court Settlement in Union Case

The Trustees of  the Iron Workers Local Union No. 5 and Iron Workers Employers Association,  Employees Pension Trust and CBO Glass are in settlement discussions in a case  in which the Trustees had alleged that the company failed to pay the Trustees  of the Iron Workers Local Union No. 5 and Iron Workers Employees Association, according to court documents.  The Trustees had claimed that CBO failed to make payments to the group from  November 2011 to March 2012 for a total of about $157,000 in the suit, filed last May.
The groups had  been scheduled to engage in a settlement conference with the U.S. District  Court for the District of Maryland in late November, but requested to  reschedule the settlement conference for no later than February 1, 2013.

“ … the parties  have been actively engaged in settlement negotiations on their own and are  optimistic that they can reach an agreement without the necessity and expense  of a settlement conference,” write the parties in a joint motion. “They  accordingly request that this court postpone the currently scheduled settlement  conference. If the parties are not able to resolve the matter, they will  contact the court to reschedule the settlement conference or, no later than  February 1, 2013, file a status report with the court.”
This is one of two  cases currently pending against CBO Glass. In March, the International Painters  and Allied Trades Industry Pension Fund filed suit against the company and two of its officials, Gilbert DiMaio, president and  CEO, and Paul F. Hogan, principal, alleging that they “failed to pay  amounts due under the Labor Contracts, Trust Agreements and Plan.”
At press time, the court had not yet ruled on a motion to dismiss filed by  DiMaio and Hogan.

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