• Field Notes 13.07.2011

    I went to play with the grandkids over 4th of July weekend in KC, and flew back to Seattle on the night of the 4th. The weather was clear, and it was simply amazing to watch the fireworks as we flew west. We left Denver at 9 p.m., just as the local shows were starting, and most every ‘burg on the way had a fireworks show going. What a phenomenal sight.

    And then there was Seattle. The first year we lived here, we thought we moved to a war zone. You can buy any fireworks you want here. The locals started shooting the ‘works about noon on the 4th, and no lie, the bangs didn’t stop until about midnight. I thought we’d moved to the middle of a combination gun, artillery, and naval range, all on the same spot. The professional shows have got NOTHING on the locals. The dogs needed drugs to calm them down; they thought they were in mortal fear of all of our lives – theirs and ours. And it’s that way across the whole of the metropolitan area I found out when I started talking about our neighborhood the next day at work.

    Flying in on this 4th, Seattle was just a-twitter with fireworks sparkling everywhere! There was a gunpowder haze I had to drive home through – you could see it in the streetlights. The street in front of our house was covered in cardboard remnants of firework shells. But what fun the neighborhoods have shooting these all off!

    Speaking of fireworks, our industry has certainly seen a few recently with the various acquisitions, reorganizations, etc. It’ll be interesting to see how these issues play out:

    • Permasteelisa being taken over by JS Group: Anybody also notice that JS Group has some Chinese curtainwall holdings? Adding a world-class organization of Permasteelisa’s repute will bring instant credibility to them, as well. Or was this a way to get Permasteelisa into a cheaper manufacturing labor market? Permasteelisa walls, designed in Italy, fabricated in China, shipped to the U.S.?

    • US Aluminum / International Extrusion now part of CRL? What an interesting marriage. Hopefully, the folks at US Aluminum all got callbacks after showing up at work and finding the offices locked. What an emotional roller coaster that must be. I don’t know the players involved personally, but CRL does know how to do things up right.

    • More NFRC stuff coming, in terms of rating shading devices. See past blog comments – don’t know how this will be possible, but knowing the NFRC, they’ll figure a way.

    Whether in the glass industry or across our country, may the sun continue to rise, as Benjamin Franklin predicted it would, on this good land! How things played out over the last 235 years and going forward is, if nothing else, ALWAYS interesting!!!

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    • As a former Manager of the Permasteelisa Group (GM for Josef Gartner China Mainland & Permasteelisa Shanghai) I’m just following the development of the group with huge interest. Just before I leaven the company at end 2005, I had made a top manager suggestion for merging with the Chinese curtain wall company Yuan-Da, which worked for me as installation labor team in 1997 with 2 million US$ sales and 400 people. Currently Yuan-Da reached a sales about 2.5 billion US$ with more than 40000 people! In this regard I still believe, who lose China who will lose the world soon. Therefore I do not think that the JS group will manage the business much better, because JS has absolute no idea about China.

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