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    The glass biz is really gearing up on ASHRAE’s attempt to limit the glazed area in buildings. Tom Culp, who’s doing a great job leading the GANA effort against the proposal, offered some clarifications to my May 22 post on this topic. To be clear, the troublesome ASHRAE proposal is 189.1, not 90.1. And Tom, provided some other useful insights on the workings of ASHRAE. Read on to see behind the curtain.

    Tom noted, “To be fair, the committee is more than just HVAC people, and also includes BOMA, insulation reps, lighting people, a few architects, and energy nerds (consultants, national labs, etc). In fact, this proposal did not come from the HVAC people, but from the energy nerds who sit around running computer simulations, but don’t understand the real world implications. The AIA representative, BOMA, and lighting people supported us in opposing this proposal, but didn’t have enough votes in the end. But, hopefully we can change minds with a large number of comments from a broad range of people.”  (emphasis added)

    To make your voice heard on this issue, Deb Levy’s 6/3 blog post gave step-by-step instructions.

    Throughout this process, I still have faith in the design community, whom we sometimes serve, that they will take an active approach and balance the design to be more efficient, be it structural, thermal, seismic, or whatever the hot topic button is at the moment.  Let’s just not jump off the deep end every time, please.

    And, even more important than ASHRAE, happy birthday to my baby sister, Jenny, who turns the big double nickels today!  All I can say is, “wanna trade?”  And thank you, Lyle Hill, for the BIG kudos.  Back ‘atcha, bud!  I love all the industry blogs; they’re tough to measure up to, but inspiring.  I hope this one does the same in some small regard.

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    • For those wanting to reduce glazing, you can point them to the Northwestern University study proving that windows at to people’s well being.

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