• Field Notes 02.06.2010

    A couple of topics caught my attention this week, so forgive me for a little wandering away from the curtain wall biz for a moment …

    Saw this link on the Dan Patrick Show, about a former NBA official caught betting on games. This one hit a little too close to home.  As a high school basketball official many years ago, it’s one thing to blow a call – and that happens – but to do so on purpose?  To win a bet?  When asked why people officiate any sport, it’s a way of staying involved in the game, a way to give back.  In a way, you do it for the kids who play the game.  Even it up, make a game of it, all of the other clichés …  But to throw a game as a ref? 

    I watched Pete Rose as a player, and he shouldn’t be put in the Hall. You can’t ruin the credibility of the game that gave you your fame, and expect its most hallowed halls to honor you. 

    A former boss of mine, when asked by a GC he hadn’t dealt with (and didn’t have a long-term relationship with yet) about how honest he was with how change orders were priced, responded: “I’m reasonably honest, but no more so than you are.”  What a great answer!  We are, after all, just humans. Hopefully, “Honesty is the Best Policy” hasn’t really died.  

    School graduation season will be here shortly. This one has special meaning to us: our youngest graduates high school. All eight (yes, eight, and it was enough, too) of them have received public school educations. That will be her mother and I singing Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” at graduation. So far, there are five college degrees, two in the process of getting theirs, two graduate degrees being worked on and this last one better get one, too. The degrees come due to their hard work, and their teachers got them started on this road. Their parents may have helped, granted, but it was not accomplished alone.  Not by a long shot.  

    My hat’s off to the teachers who did the most work. Why is it you can remember who your really good and bad teachers were, but the middle-of-the-roaders just fade from memory? Thank a teacher today, ask them to keep at it and make their students work! Someone has to earn my Social Security check money in years now too soon in coming. (My fallback if SS goes down is to move in with the kiddos.) 

    I, for one, will GLADLY pay my school property taxes from here on out. We may be done with public education in our family, but will keep paying our school taxes as payback for the one-heck-of-a-deal we got at our house on educating my kids. 

    I know I got more than the 3 R’s in school. When we start cutting the debate teams, the bands, choirs and arts, that’s when we’ll know the apocalypse is near. Heaven only knows we’re NOT going to cut sports, which is ok, as long as we keep all the other extra-curricular programs, too.  Bottom line:  fight for the school budgets to keep all the programs. It’ll help us produce a better next generation. We owe it to them, and to the past generations that did it for us. 

    Go Flyers!  I won a bet last week with a co-worker:  I had the Flyers, he had Boston. Poor Boston:  down 3-0 to the Yanks in ’04, they win the World Series. There’s talk already of the BoSox folding up this year, the AL East being too strong. The Bruins, up 3-0 on the Flyers, and then 10 minutes into Game 7, on their home ice, up 3-0, they let the Flyers score 4 straight. The Flyers haven’t been scored on since being down 3-0 to the Bruins. Sorry Les Canadiens:  it ain’t your year (After I’d written this, the Flyers just lost game 3.  Here’s hoping it’s not 2-2 or worse by the time you read this). Maybe the Celtics, up 2-0 to the Magic, will finish Orlando off. And the Phillies are in 1st Place. The Eagles traded Donovan – to DC of all places. Thank goodness it wasn’t to Dallas. But Washington? All’s not right, but I can’t remember being a Philly fan and having it so good.

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