• Field Notes 21.07.2010

    Can someone tell me who makes the largest glass lite?  From a recent USGNN.com story, the China Apple store glass looks to be about 6’-0” wide, maybe 30’-0” tall, and it’s curved! An architect called me last week about a domestic supplier who’s making a laminated/insulating unit that is 120” x 240”.  Who in the tar blazes makes a glazing cup machine that can lift a lite that big? And how much does that bad boy cost to make? And how do you build a crate to ship it? How many lift points are there? How does it keep from sagging? Simply amazing!!!

    Let’s have a contest:  Submit pictures like those of the Apple store, with your largest lite of glass, project name, glazing sub installing them, the glass supplier and hopefully with pictures with people in them to give them some scale. We’ll categorize them:

    1. Insulated glass (with composition, double- or triple-glazed, with or without laminated lites)
    2. Laminated glass: some of these monsters can be huge in more ways. I know of a job, built to be blast-resistant, that had two layers 3/8” thick sandwiched around a ½” thick lite, I think, and it was a private (not government  or military) project.  Let’s categorize this one:
      By size
      By weight
    3. Monolithic:  No lami, but tempered, heat-strengthened or annealed. This one we can judge by thickness and size:
      ¾”, or

    Nothing official, but wouldn’t it be fun to see some of the gargantuan jobs being done out there?

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