• Chuck Knickerbocker

    Chuck Knickerbocker

    Chuck Knickerbocker is the curtainwall manager for Technical Glass Products (TGP), a supplier of fire-rated glass and framing systems, along with specialty architectural glazing products.  With over 25 years of curtainwall experience, Chuck has successfully worked with numerous architects, building owners and subcontractors from development of schematic design through installation.

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    • Excellent insights, Chuck. A friend forwarded this to me and I think you pinned the tail on the donkey. At this date [6 Sept. 2012], it is my understanding that Autodesk is actively pursuing a relationship with Johnson Controls for an interface within Revit for post-construction Energy Performance Management. They are currently working with BIM Maximo for Maintenance Management software that works with Revit files. All that to say, your points above are well taken and – contrary to what the avid Revit proponents may tell you – Revit still won’t cure world hunger.

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