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Is a Formula an Acceptable Substitute in Place of Use Phase Results?

At the recent Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance Winter Meeting held in San Francisco, the idea of using a formula in place of use phase results was addressed. Jeff Haberer, director of technical services for Trulite Industries, and a developer of the formula, discussed how regression equations can be used in place of use phase results for life cycle assessments. The equation is: U-factor*M1*5.6738) + (SGHC*M2) = Total energy (GJ/yr) with M1 representing U-factor scalar and … CONTINUE READING

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Volatile Fog Testing—Does It Need Updating?

In a recent presentation “Objective Volatile Fog Measurement,” Dave Cooper and Jonathan Herndon of Guardian Industries discussed the series of testing the two completed to determine effective methods for measuring volatile compounds in insulating glass units (IGU). The organic components to which IGUs are exposed, such as sealants, exterior components, adhesives, muntin bars and spacers, among others, may evolve into volatile compounds. These volatiles “may condense on the inner glass surfaces and become visible,” creating … CONTINUE READING

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Tempco Adds Insulating Glass to Offerings

Flushing, N.Y.-based Tempco Glass Fabrication recently added insulating glass units (IGUs) to its line of products and services. The company recently acquired automated equipment that will allow it to provide supply insulating glass in a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes to glaziers, glass shops, window manufacturers, and window, storefront and curtainwall installation contractors.

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IGMA Talks Association and Committee Updates at Winter Meeting

The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance’s (IGMA) 2014 Winter Meeting has kept attendees busy this week, taking place at the JW Marriott Union Square in San Francisco. Topics discussed during this week have ranged from marketing and new board members, association updates and much more. To start, Bill Briese of GED Integrated Solutions, Robert Grommesh of Cardinal IG and Jeff Haberer of Trulite Industries were accepted as directors on the board. The marketing committee also met … CONTINUE READING

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IGMA Winter Meeting Continues with Committee Updates

Meetings at the 2014 Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) 2014 Winter Meeting, held at the JW Marriott Union Square in San Francisco, continued yesterday with technical services committee task groups as well as a technical update. The morning, which began for members with a closed-door discussion of the Gas-filled IGU Correlation Field Study, focused on the technical services task groups. Starting with Glazing Guidelines, led by Tracy Rogers of Quanex Building Products, the discussion focused … CONTINUE READING

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IGMA Opens with Hot Topics at Winter Meeting

  The 2014 Winter Meeting for the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) officially kicked off today with committee meetings at the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory. The conference is being held at the JW Marriott Union Square in San Francisco through Friday. Today’s meeting focused on the Emerging Technologies and Innovations committee. To start the morning, the gas permeability task group opened with a discussion of EN1279-3. According to Randi Ernst of FDR Designs, who was … CONTINUE READING

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IGMA Moves Forward with New Technical Publications

The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) has approved a number of technical publications for the fenestration industry. These included: TM-1300-13, Design Considerations for Multiple Cavity Insulating Glass Units: The purpose of this document is to guide the design, fabrication and use of multiple-cavity insulating glass (IG) within the fenestration industry. It is not intended to duplicate pre-existing guidelines for single-cavity IG. Rather, it is meant to expand upon those guidelines where requirements for multiple-cavity IG … CONTINUE READING

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If Only They Knew … 10 Ways to Avoid an IG Failure

Imagine this scenario: It’s been just a few short years since the building’s completion when the owner suddenly notices a clouded effect in between the lites of a dual pane insulating glass (IG) unit. Worse yet, he doesn’t discover the mold that has developed until much later. Imagine his angst, knowing that the problem is going to cost him a bundle in repairs and untold headaches in trying to get the responsible party to step … CONTINUE READING

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To Make or to Buy?

One widely accepted position in the window industry is that if you are a small-sized manufacturer it’s better to buy your insulating glass (IG). If you’re a big company you should make it yourself (though a major window maker based in Bayport, Minn., is a large exception to that rule). Those in the middle can either sides of the fence depending on what works best for their individual situation. Major advantages of buying IG? The … CONTINUE READING

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Intigral Announces Names New President, along with Several Other Executive Appointments

Walton Hills, Ohio-based Intigral has made several executive appointments, including the promotion of Jason Thomas to president. Prior president Jamey Beard will assist with the transition through the end of 2013. Thomas joined Intigral in 2005 and most recently served as vice president of operations. DeAnna Negron has been promoted from vice president of customer service and systems to vice president. Negron has been with the company for more than 21 years serving in a … CONTINUE READING

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