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Increase Production with FastGas

 Gas filling slowing you down? FastGas fills average IG units with argon in less than 15 seconds, according to Integrated Automation. It’s the only single gas filling system that lets one machine and operator keep pace with Intercept production, the company adds. The product is available in one- and two station versions, and fills IG made with any spacer system precisely, rapidly and reliably while offering 100 percent argon retention.

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Technoform Glass Insulation Introduces New 1-Inch-Wide TGI-Spacer

Technoform Glass Insulation North America Inc. (TGI NA) now offers TGI®-Spacer in a 1-inch width for commercial and residential insulating glass products, such as windows, entrance systems and curtainwall. According to the company, this new product not only optimizes thermal performance and condensation resistance, but also enhances acoustic performance for quiet interiors. Blending naturally with any window frame, TGI-Spacer’s straight sightline and smooth matte finish are designed to complement insulating glass products’ appearance. TGI NA … CONTINUE READING

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Viracon Expands Triple Insulating Glass Sizes

Viracon has expanded its triple insulating glass sizes to 70 square feet, giving architects and building designers more options as energy codes become stricter. By adding another spacer and glass lite, designers can apply a more diverse range of substrates and high-performance coatings to a Viracon triple insulating glass unit, ultimately improving the product’s performance, according to the company. “We are really excited about increasing the sizes of our triple insulating glass units” says Kevin … CONTINUE READING

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Southwall Hits R20

Southwall Technologies Inc. recently launched a new insulating glass line, the Heat Mirror “Quad-Cavity” R20 insulating glass unit (IGU). Company officials say this achieves a 0.05 center of glass U-factor (R20 insulating value) at the same weight as standard dual-pane IGU. The Quad-Cavity R20 product suspends three lightweight Heat Mirror films within the IGU, creating four independent and super-insulating airspaces. The IGU is configured in an 1-3/4-inch overall thickness with Krypton gas filling and low-E … CONTINUE READING

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Verify IG Gas Content Instantly

The new ThermalCheck system from Integrated Automation Systems is designed to measure the gas content in insulating glass (IG) air spaces. To use the system, an operator inserts the testing wand into the airspace and presses the test button. ThermalCheck displays the percent of argon or krypton gas in the airspace and prints a label with reading. If the gas content fails below the specified setting, the system displays an alert.

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Super Spacer® Chosen for Power*e™ Radiant Glass Windows

Denver, Colorado-based Radiant Glass Industries (RGI) and sister company Busick Insulated Glass have collaborated to develop a revolutionary product that is not only energy-efficient, it is energy generating. Using Power*e™ Glass designed and developed by RGI, Busick manufactures insulating glass (IG) units that use safe, low voltage DC power to warm the inside of the glass pane – creating a system that is nearly 100 percent efficient. CONTINUE READING

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Efficient Implementation of Energy Saving Regulations

If you deal with energy saving regulations, you should visit the Sika expert team at the Fensterbau / Frontale trade fair. Structural window bonding is an efficient way to implement energy saving regulations in practice. In addition, bonded windows yield cost savings of up to 40% in installation and maintenance. Existing systems can be reasonably optimized to comply with stringent energy saving regulations, such as EnEV 2012 in Germany. CONTINUE READING

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RavenBrick Earns Patent Approval; Materials to be Installed in “America’s Greenest Building”

The U.S. Patent Office has issued a notice of allowance to Denver-based RavenBrick for all 54 of its patent claims for the RavenWindow solar heat blocking window filter technology, a system installed by insulating glass fabricators during the fabrication process. The company produces what it says is the industry’s only automated, intelligent, market-ready window filter, which automatically blocks solar heat when the outside temperature is too hot, while allowing solar heat inside when the outside temperature is cold. CONTINUE READING

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Edgetech Named Exclusive Distributor of Sparklike’s IG Testing Technologies

Edgetech I.G. in Cambridge, Ohio, has entered into an agreement with Helsinki, Finland-based Sparklike Ltd. to be the exclusive distributor for the Gasglass argon and krypton gas detector and Spyglass glass analyzer in the Americas, Europe and Australia. CONTINUE READING

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Arch Aluminum & Glass Introduces Addition to its RESISTOR PROTECTION SYSTEM Family with New Aluminum Storefront Blast Protection Product-IFG5100

Arch Aluminum & Glass is pleased to announce the addition of a state of the art blast impact storefront system. The Arch IFG5100 is a 2-1/2” x 5” storefront was tested in accordance with ASTM, GSA, & UFC methods and passed those strenuous tests showing a high level of protection with a peak positive pressure of 7.61psi and a positive phase impulse of 44.5 psi. In addition, the IFG5100 also can be used in applications that call out for “Anti-Terrorism (AT/FP)” standards. The testing was done using the open arena method at the HTL facility in Lubbock, TX. CONTINUE READING

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