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GPAD Concludes with Thermal Optimization Discussion

FeneTech’s Glass Processing Automation Days concluded this afternoon with a number of thought-provoking discussions, including one on the thermal optimization of insulating glass (IG) units, led by Mike McHugh, president of Integrated Automation Systems. According to McHugh’s presentation, the IG business has gone through continuous transformation in the last 30 years. While each change was often labeled “incremental” and not worth the investment, the accumulation of these options has resulted in a much higher performance … CONTINUE READING

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IGMA Summer Conference Continues with Work, Presentations

The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) Summer Technical Conference continued today with a meeting of the Emerging Technology and Innovation Committee and a presentation by Ken Rubis of Dow Corning about cold bent insulating glass units. Four separate task groups met as part of the activities. “Today’s focus was primarily on getting a lot of work done,” says Margaret Webb, IGMA executive director. “We are working on new information on gas permeability and testing, vacuum … CONTINUE READING

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