Glass Enterprises new 180,000-square-foot facility in Norwich, Connecticut, was the former home of Naverra Glass before the company closed late last year.

Soon, glass will once again be cleaned, tempered and insulated at a Norwich, Connecticut, fabrication plant that had been idle since late 2023. The 180,000-square-foot facility was the former home of Naverra Glass (formally Solar Seal) before the company closed late last year.

The plant is now home to Bensalem, Pennsylvania-based Glass Enterprises.

“The move [to Norwich] expands our capabilities,” said CEO Josh Burg. “This facility allows us to process jumbo glass, digitally printed glass, bird-friendly glass and laminated glass. It also allows us to balance projects and services and maintain two- to four-week lead times on most products, even specialty stuff.”

The plant will also house the company’s engineered product lines, including glass entrances, railings and canopies, FRP doors and Kawneer products. Burg added that the additional space enables Glass Enterprises to expand its reach into New England.

“It’s 180,000 square feet of pure glass manufacturing,” said Burg. “There’s tons of equipment. Everything is geared for large, oversized glass. It’s all top-of-the-line equipment. Multiple digital scanners on every piece of equipment will monitor input and output for quality control. It’s based on European glass manufacturing standards. It brings all of that to the U.S.”

When Naverra’s operations began, the company had filled the facility with modern machinery from various providers, including Hegla, Ashton, Glaston, GPM, Osprey Litesentry, Tecglass, Viprotron, Pujol, Billco and more.

The machines included a tempering system, fully automatic lamination line, glass measurement quality assurance system, digital printing line, heat soak oven, fully automatic storage, shuttle, cutting system and washing systems.

Burg said the plant will start with 35 employees. He plans to ramp up to more than 100 workers. The company employs 115 at its facility in Bensalem. Burg added that Glass Enterprises contacted former Naverra employees to come aboard, including John Lines and Mike Hagen, who spoke to The Day.

They told the outlet that when Naverra collapsed in November 2023, the remaining employees were told a buyer had been lined up. A former employee said that hourly employees were notified on Nov. 1, 2023, that they were laid off and salary employees were staying to finish existing orders. According to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Naverra was evicted from the Norwich plant for non-payment of rent and failure to replenish a security deposit.

The closure was Glass Enterprises’ gain.

“We aim to be the only American, family-owned glass fabricator that can do the size, scale and scope of this work in the Northeast,” said Burg. He added that the facility is also one of three in the U.S. that can handle 100-square-foot architectural glass lites.


  1. Looking forward to great things from the team in Norwich and from Joshua’s leadership.

  2. How can they open if they don’t own the equipment? Naverra leased the equipment from Antamex. Naverra closes and Antamex is now in receivership owed money by Naverra. All were owned by O3. Sounds like a s_it show. O3 did a great job buying Berkowitz, Solar Seal and Antamex just to put them out of business.

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