FeneTech’s User Conference is currently underway virtually for the second time.

This year, 245 FeneVision users from all over the globe—representing 83 door and window manufacturers and glass fabrication companies—registered for the conference. Since the first in 2002, each user conference has endeavored to share the latest enhancements and features of FeneTech’s FeneVision ERP software.

Conference presenters are well-prepared and have packed as much information as possible into each presentation. Users enter questions in the video conferencing chat feature, and session presenters and moderators provide answers. This year’s conference sessions include enhancements in inventory and purchasing, capacity planning and managing FeneVision IT Infrastructures, among others.

“In a perfect world, we would be meeting face-to-face, but for the health and safety of all, we decided to again conduct this year’s conference virtually,” said FeneTech president and CEO Ron Crowl. “It’s so important to share with our valued customers the hard work the FeneTech team has put into the software since last year, and I’m eager to hear suggestions for future development.”

The FeneTech User Conference runs through Wednesday, June 9, in the U.S. and through Thursday, June 10, in Europe.