New Name, Brand for Albat+Wirsam

The company formerly known as Albat+Wirsam has officially changed its name to A+W Software GmbH. The company recently was sold to Constellation Software under the Friedman Corp.

“Especially in international markets, the company name of Albat+Wirsam was well-known and highly estimated but has also always been a lingual stumbling block likely to produce confusion because of wrong pronunciation or spelling,” says A+ W CEO Dr. Uwe Schmid. “Now, we are totally and only A+W ,which makes things a lot easier and will help to strengthen our appearance on the market.”

With the rebranding, the company also has a new logo.

“In the past two years we have been setting up a completely new product generation, have improved our service organization, and are now, after being taken over by Friedman Corp., totally redesigned,” says Dr. Michael Küttner, A+W company communications.

“Our customers all over the world will profit from that. The new, fresh branding shows that instead of merely adapting to changes, we rather live and create those changes ourselves, with lots of innovative power.”

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