EU Imposes Provisional Duties on Chinese Solar Glass Imports

The European Union (EU) has completed a portion of its anti-subsidy investigation into imports of solar glass from China, and has announced that it will impose provisional duties ranging from 17.1 to 42.1 percent on Chinese companies importing solar glass into the EU.

The EU began the investigation last spring, based on having received a complaint filed by the association EU ProSun Glass. EUProSun Glass claimed solar glass from China was being subsidized in China and then sold in the European Union (EU) at prices below market value and causing material injury to the EU solar glass industry.

According to information published in today’s edition of the Official Journal of the European Union, the following provisional findings have been made and resulting provisional duties have been levied:

Company Dumping Margin Injury Margin Provisional Anti-Dumping Duty
Xinyi Group 74.0 percent  39.3 percent 39.3 percent
Hehe Group 75.3 percent 32.3 percent 32.3 percent
Flat Glass Group 86.2 percent 42.1 percent 42.1 percent
Henan Yuhua 31.9 percent 17.1 percent 17.1 percent
Other cooperating companies 79.8 percent 38.4 percent 38.4 percent
All other companies 86.2 percent 42.1 percent 42.1 percent

“It is expected that the imposition of anti-dumping duties will restore fair trade conditions on the Union market, allowing the Union industry to align the prices of the like product to reflect the costs of production thus improving its profitability,” writes the EU. “It can also be expected that the imposition of measures would enable the Union industry to regain at least part of the market share lost during the period considered, with a positive impact on its overall financial situation.”

The duties will be applied for a provisional period of six months as the EU completes its investigation.  A final decision is due from the EU by May 26, 2014.

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