Vetrotech Introduces Impact-Resistant Curtainwall Door System

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain has launched the Vetrotech HI System, an assembly of high-strength VDS® curtainwall and door profiles and Contraflam® HI glazing.

According to the company, the system has a built-in curtainwall, designed with hurricane impact resistance.

The system was created to allow architects, glaziers and facility managers to bypass installation and maintenance of costly shutters, according to the company. Vetrotech HI was tested to meet ASTM E 1996, ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 330, as well as the TAS protocols required by the Florida Building Code, including Miami-Dade County. In addition to passing the requirements of the small and large missile test, Vetrotech HI testing included dynamic cycling and air and water infiltration tests. The system is UL-listed for fire-resistance applications requiring ratings for up to two hours, according to the company.

“The system provides maximum design flexibility with respect to the outboard lite to meet local energy standards set by building codes or to achieve LEED® points,” says Kevin Frisone, national sales and marketing manager. “In other words, we can provide any available low-E or solar control outboard lite glass to match the rest of the building design and still achieve energy requirements.”

Sean Ross, project engineer, adds, “The Vetrotech HI System provides an all-in-one, clean-looking framing and door system that doesn’t need to be protected with shutters or film, helping to alleviate additional design issues and continued maintenance considerations.”

With Design Pressure (DP) ratings of up to +/-65 psf, Vetrotech HI can handle pressure of severe hurricane wind speeds and meets the requirements of TAS 201, 202, 203, in addition to passing ASTM E1996 / 1886 / 330 / 283-99 / 331-00 and AAMA 1304-02 test standards, according to the company.

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