Varevice, Pearson, Muessig Latest Winners in USGlass Pick’em Challenge

For the third time in 13 weeks, APG International found its place atop the USGlass Pro Football Pick’em Challenge. Week 13, it was business development manager Peter Varevice, who picked 13 of the 16 games correctly and won the tiebreaker, predicting just two points off of the Monday night total.

Meanwhile, Michelle Pearson of YKK Architectural Products and Patrick Muessig of Azon International split the Week 12 victory, both picking a stellar 14 of 15 games correctly. They broke off of a four-way tiebreaker with two others, but tied one another on all the secondary tiebreakers.

APG International, with its home offices located in New Jersey, specializes in the construction of building exterior systems and specialty glazing.

YKK AP, based in Georgia, is a leading manufacturer of aluminum building products.

Azon, provides solutions to the extruder or window manufacturer with machinery, thermal barrier chemicals, quality control and service programs.

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