D.A. Glass Begins Acid-Etched Glass Production

D.A. Glass America has begun producing its OcuMatte acid-etched glass at its new plant in Calumet, Mich. The company also announced that its first sale has been completed.

D.A. Glass America has begun production of its acid-etched product.

D.A. Glass America has begun production of its acid-etched product.

According to the company’s release, the plant, which began construction in November 2013, is the only facility in the United States in full production of acid-etched glass. OcuMatte is produced in a vertical position, “which is a clean and efficient process and allows for single- and double-sided etching,” according to the release. “The modification of the glass is done without the use of rollers, sandblasters or lasers, making it much more durable and consistent.”

Steve Williams, president and CEO of D.A. Glass America, says he is eager to create jobs in the area and that the plant will run 24 hours a day in its full operation. The company plans to hire upwards of 50 new employees in Houghton County.

D.A. Glass America has a sister company in Poland, DA Glass, which it will work hand-in-hand with to cover both North America and Europe.

“The Polish plant and laboratory have been producing glass like this since 1989, and we are very fortunate to have them working with us in production, research and development,” says Williams.

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