AIA Show Hits Glass and Glazing Industry’s Hot Topics

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Convention 2015 wrapped up Saturday afternoon in Atlanta after three days sporting a busy show floor. The glass and glazing industry maintained a strong presence throughout the event, as exhibitors ranged from glass and window companies to hardware and sealant suppliers.

Sika's Jim

Sika’s Jim Frawley says his company used AIA as an opportunity to show architects how it offers solutions for the entire building envelope, from “below grade to the roof.”

The show puts a particular emphasis on the building envelope, something that provides companies like Sika an opportunity to showcase a variety of capabilities.

“The biggest challenge architects and engineers have is with transitions,” says Sika area manager Jim Frawley, adding that his company offers solutions from “below grade to the roof.”

One point of focus, he says, is working with architects and designers to reduce the size of the mullion with high strength silicones and high strength insulating glass sealants.

Aesthetics are a major driver in the architect community, and Tesa Tape addresses that need with its ACX product, a viscoelastic double-sided acrylic foam tape used for mounting architectural panels. The viscoelasticity allows for a strong bond but one that can absorb forces and relieve stress in the bonded joint.

Tesa’s products reduce or eliminate the use of visible fasteners that could also contribute to wear. The tape can join glass, for example, making for a clean sightline.

To put it simply, “Architects like it because it makes their product prettier,” says Karin Gomaa, sales manager of building supply.

Energy efficiency continues to be a major focal point as well, and is something companies like Fakro take seriously. Fakro, an international supplier of skylights, has met demand for thermal efficiency head on with its flat roof window, which general manager Waldemar Szalus says is “the warmest skylight in the world.”

The skylights, which were featured at the show, can come in quadruple glazing and are ideal for passive buildings. Its F Window can be manufactured in any size, which comes in handy for renovation purposes.

In fact, the renovation market for skylights—particularly in the commercial and nonresidential sectors—has been ripe, according to Super Sky director of sales Rod Kivioja.

Super Sky has put a heavy emphasis on its repair and renovation capabilities of late, as Kivioja says there are many “very old skylights” in the current building stock in need of attention.

On the coatings front, Linetec featured its new terra cotta series, which comes in 17 coatings and emulates the look of real terra cotta. senior marketing specialist Tammy Schroeder says the company just landed its first project with the line and has fielded a lot of interest.

Valspar, in celebrating its 50th anniversary of the Fluropon product, showcased its effects line, which includes its color-shifting “Kameleon” coating.

Stay tuned to™ for continued coverage of the AIA show, and look for the full report in the June issue of USGlass magazine.

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