New Standard Supports High-Tech Management of Facility Assets

ASTM International has published a new standard to help identify and classify building systems, components, sub-components and their attributes.

The new standard (E3035, Classification for Facility Asset Component Tracking System (FACTS)) will optimize how assets and their associated functions and attributes are identified, tracked and used in modern buildings.

“The new standard drills deep enough to align the product, building system, attributes and life cycle to meet the varying needs of new technologies,” says ASTM member William H. Hunt, chief estimator, Office of Project Delivery, Public Buildings Service, U.S. General Services Administration. “No other classification system can do all this at once.” Hunt says that the standard encompasses building information modeling, smart buildings, computerized maintenance management, facility asset management processes and project controls systems.

According to Hunt, E3035 will lead to more effective overall management of each asset in a facility. The standard links functions, attributes, activities and personnel throughout the asset’s life cycle, from initial planning through construction, operations, maintenance, repair, modernization and disposal.

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