SAF Showcases Spandrel Pan

250-DelawareDesigned as an energy saving component for opaque glazing areas of the exterior envelope, SAF Fabrication’s factory-fabricated spandrel pan incorporates mineral wool. Mineral wool insulation can withstand temperatures above 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, is moisture resistant, provides acoustical noise damping and qualifies for LEED green building credits.

The spandrel pans are constructed using galvanized steel and can be custom fabricated to fit openings of various shapes and depths. Mineral wool is secured in the pans by resistance welded pins and attached to the cladding frame work using standard mechanical fasteners.

Factory fabrication eliminates the need of special mounting clips and wasteful on site processing of insulation material during construction, according to the company. The custom spandrel pans can be scheduled to arrive on site ready for installation.

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